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Don't Be Shy To Introduce Yourself

Hi. My name is Yancy. I am 17. I haven't been diagnosed but am currently going through the process of getting a diagnosis.
I have been dealing with really bad agoraphobia for a while now and am just hoping that here is a place where I can speak with like minded people and actually have some form of social life.
I don't really know what else to say since I'm bad at introductions.
HI and welcome @YancyyyComet9000

What you have said is plenty fine by way of introduction
This thread is more for new members might be shy to introduce themselves.

No need to fear, you joined a great site. No rush to introduce yourself. Take the time you need. But once you are ready to introduce yourself, you will be greeted by many people.

Yours Truly,

Chilly Willy @The Penguin
My Name is Carol, I am 54 years old. Diagnosed 5 Years. I am still trying to understand myself and hope I would find a mentor or at least someone with similar difficulties. I have always struggled with meltdowns and although I try to avoid triggers and learn new coping strategies, the worse they tend to be. Sometimes when I’ve been really stressed and really need to concentrate I can become nonverbal. If this happens to many times, to often. I fail to see the triggers and have the most horrible meltdowns. It takes days or even weeks to fully recover. I have been reading about low glucose levels leading to aggressive meltdowns. Has anyone else experienced this or have information they would like to share.
Nonverbal episodes are fairly common among autistics, especially during sensory overload, a shutdown, or a meltdown. With systems overwhelmed the most complex functions (language being at the apex of those functions) go offline first because resources get diverted to fight or flight reactions.

As to low blood sugar, it is an exacerbative source to functions as a whole, affecting all systems at a molecular level, so things are always going to be more intense because of elevated levels of stress system wide.

The term hangry expamplifies this phenomenon. A literal truth in the cliché.
Hello my name is kevin I am 54 and have been diagnosed as autist about a year 14 months ago and i live in portsmouth
G'day Kev, I'm Todd 42 and was diagnosed 3years ago. Good on you for reaching out. Finding out puts all your ducks in a row alright, but it can be difficult to battle the ongoing regrets and resentment. Peace and positivity bro!
Hi, my name is Rose, 29 years old. Diagnosed in September 2022, self diagnosed around age 14/15 (which I mostly kept to myself).
Hi, and Welcome to the Forums! I hope you make new friends and enjoy your stay here in the process! I was Officially diagnosed last year myself after ~ 14-15 years of waiting, various assessments, and red tape to get through
Hello, my name is Matt. I'm 33 and I had a very serious mental health crisis several years ago. I've recovered now, but I keep asking myself, "Now that I'm healthy, when do I get to be normal like everyone else?" Then after some discoveries about high functioning autism, I suspect maybe I feel this way because I've just always been autistic, and no one ever noticed. A psychiatrist had speculated years ago that I might be, but I was still too ill at the time for her to make any certain diagnosis of anything. She unfortunately went to a new clinic, and I feel I lost a lot of progress because of that. I'm happily married (I think?), with a 6-year-old daughter and work full time as an accountant. So, I just came here to meet some different people and try to sort out some complicated thoughts about my own assessment of self-diagnosis, should I seek a formal diagnosis, and many other things.
Hey, I’m Abbi. I’m 23 and was diagnosed with autism when I was 16. I’ve honestly never really related to/felt that comfortable with the diagnosis, I never ‘struggled’ socially in a conventional sense and maybe due to some misconceptions I had around autism I felt this meant I wasn’t ‘autistic enough’. Recently I’ve felt quite introspective, I’ve realised I’ve always sort of felt like I was actually on the outside looking in. I’ve actually been feeling a little disillusioned lately and like I can’t really connect with anyone around me because the way they see the world and navigate their way through life almost feels like an alien concept to me. Thought it might be nice to join to read about others autists thoughts and experiences.

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