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Discussing what I'm passionate about is scary.


Violin player.
My social anxiety makes it scary to offer my opinion on anything because it's hard for me back up what I think or believe in. That, and if it's something they're passionate about, they might start a shouting match. I'm not sure how to deal with it.
I have the same problem. Actually, I used to be better at explaining/defending my passions/opinions, but it is much harder for me to explain now. The feelings and understandings seem like they are occurring on a deeper level for me, below the language level, and it's hard to come up to the language level and explain it. I also hate arguments/debates.
I know this feeling very well,I have my passions too but I’m terrible at debating or I end up sounding stupid when just discussing my interests so I sometimes feel like I come across to others like I am not intelligent,I even sometimes feel like my husband thinks I’m dumb and also I have struggle for years feeling like i don’t have any intelligence.
I get this overwhelmed feeling sometimes when I know someone is wrong but can't explain it well enough in words. It's like I know all the information but its all floating about in a whirlwind and won't straighten up into words to get out. So then I stand there looking stupid or like I don't really know. It's quite frustrating.
All of the above.

The worst bit is, when this happens I tend to just say "I don't want to discuss this anymore" to avoid me getting upset or it turning into a row then I either look like I've backed down or get told I'm making it an argument and am accused of being horrible.
I am blessed, that I found one person who does not mind at all when I go on a tangent about my passion and that is probably, because she has a similar passion and so, there is a true enterchange of respect. But it has taken me a long time to find that.

Mostly, I get ignored and that does wonders for my self confidence o_O
I'm always amazed people on the forum don't tell me to stop talking about medicine or my cats I'm still amazed after 11 months
Makes me sad. I'm knowledgeable with my passions but I can never completely put it into words for others. People at work found out I like similar shows too and I get a big mind block when they want to talk about it.
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