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Define yourself

Thanks forest,
My conversation skills got really bad, I spoke to someone other day who said they lost belief in goodness of human nature too.
I so want to trust and believe but ....

Sorry Ella,
I lost track conversation, i just started new meds as I'm not feeling well, I am old in aspie years, want to see my boys finish school.
I spent half my life not remembering half of it, then after that picking up pieces and trying to rebuild myself.
Sometimes I just apologise because that was my life, I stopped myself doing it but is different from apology in advance meaning I know it's wrong but I'm doing it anyway

Do you mean it implies guilt?
How can a pre-apology infer something?
Do you mean it implies guilt?
How can a pre-apology infer something?
Stress is a killer....but how much so is where people push you,
As long as you perform and get results they care less, my health is probably more stress than getting old.
So I see what women are doing to look young, I see the media is driving women to believe this is all we are...I apologise in advance for bringing up truth and knowing others will never accept guilt!!

As you get older you will realise more how society de-values women, the weak, the minority, push forward without solutions controlling you more.
I didn't understand why you felt the need to correct another person's politeness, and say it looked bad. It felt inappropriate to me.
You need to start an online course please, help men to be in touch with themselves and learn to communicate.
You will do so well.
images (5).jpeg
My sitcom comedy hour to amuse wit of nations, is lacking Barbie here...it's ugly stuff we talk about so we can solve problems.
This evades the issues of what's going on behind the mask.

It tackles victims of post_war conflicts with nazzi and assesses deep feelings on thalomide babies, empowering autistic women to choose right to have a baby when she's ready. Is about defining the role of the grandmother and her unique wisdom....not dying her hair purple or commuting atrocities of plastic surgery but on being proud of her grey hair

I'm not trying to depress people or say we must look ugly, but it's only skin deep. We autistic spectrum know our symptoms better than any doctor. We are not helpless and unemployable......we are gaining strength and momentum. When we gather to share ideas and we walk away to our lonely problems or we unite here on this forum and choose our future.
Do you mean it implies guilt?
How can a pre-apology infer something?
What are you, a English teacher, or something?


So I look up the verb

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of infer.

Inferences are steps in reasoning, moving from premises to logical consequences; etymologically, the word infer means to "carry forward". Inference is theoretically traditionally divided into deduction and induction, a distinction that in Europe dates at least to Aristotle

I guess I am slow, cause I don't understand. But I think you are right. But I disagree. I muddled it up. aw well.

What I meant, is saying sorry to somebody, however innocuous, will imply guilt automatically on a unconscious level, and this is what the listener will infer on an instinctual level, if you approach them with the pre-emptive statement of that kind. Wether you intended too or not. It is saying you are wrong, and there perspective is more valid than your own, or they have more rights than you, or they are better than you. This is what I notice low confidence people do, people that have a mentality of "I will attack myself, before you get a chance to attack me " and use pre emptive statements and self deprecate themselves a lot. It conveys low self worth. Sometimes being polite, is simply having low self esteem.
^It's merely a gesture of consideration, in this case. And you know that. You appear to be undermining another poster while masking that as support. She does not need to second guess herself.

Let's return to the thread topic. We can focus on ourselves before criticizing self-esteem in others.
I thought it was Man bashing @ first but maybe I misunderstood
In true ND fashion, the OP seems to be talking to herself about almost anything and everything, with a few people joining in from time to time. I don't have a need to 'define myself', so I presume the thread isn't really for me!
It's about defining your own needs, tastes, and boundaries, especially when so many other people will try to do this for you.
Oh. No wonder it makes so little sense, because to me, nobody else's definitions of my needs, tastes or boundaries is of the slightest interest to me. Or impact either. It's how I define myself if I found it helpful to do so that matters, and really only that.

As I said though in my first post in this thread, the OP's writing style is very opaque to me, so the grasshoppering was hard to follow. Thanks though @Mr. Stevens for the explanation!
I don't think someone gets to define yourself

Well I will define myself. I'm sure other people have their opinions. I was diagnosed ASD, but I think I might have some form of ADHD, OCD, CPTSD and other disorders, that I forget, or suspect. But that's all very contentious. I can be very impulsive, my desire tends to outweigh my reason, sometimes my desire to do a thing, overrides any rational reason, to do so. Or valid objections of others. Call it... an addictive personality. I don't generally join sites, since I can get addicted to them, quite easily, quite quickly. Before you know it, I'm posting everyday. I'ma regular poster. Not something I really want to get caught up in. I could go on and on, but, you get the point. To know me is, is to love me..or hate me. Either way. I think I act with good intentions....most of the time. Selfish intentions, maybe. But who in this life, is not selfish? about what they want to do, say, feel, or think. Also The "Autistic s don't like change" truism, very true. I like things to stay the same.
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