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Data Entry jobs?


Well-Known Member
I'm learning ten-key so I can explore data entry jobs; perhaps even work from home. Would anyone like to share his/her experiences with this type of work? If you do data entry, is it within a company or freelance? Thank you for your input (pun intended)!
Best way to gain the experience IMHO is working in a call center. They're not very Aspie friendly most of the time though so I wouldn't expect such a job to last long but it's a good start to gaining the experience needed for online work.

As for freelance online work, there's TONS of competition to deal with for very low pay.

Now, if you can pick up skills in database management, THEN you'll confront a much better scene with less competition and higher pay...
I've been doing for one company since 2001. At this level of experience, the pay is decent (I get to put away a couple of hundred dollars a month), and they haven't put me on phones yet. :relieved:
I worked as a temp for a short time doing data entry because I could accurately put numbers into a 10 key adding machine. I found it to be mind-numbing work. After 8 hours of punching numbers into an adding machine my brain turned to mush. I hated it.
I've did some tests through a temp agency to see if I was fast enough. I qualified for it, yet there were never any actual openings. The main company that does it here is an office for the IRS (the dutch one that is) that has to do the manual tax returns.

The few tidbits I know from there, despite not being actually employed.

Over here they don't hire people for more than 4 hours a day, because of the mind numbing type of job. That by itself should say something on how some companies care a bit more about the mental wellbeing of employees.

What came to my mind however, but perhaps that's what applies to any job. Doing a test to see if you're fast enough is one thing. It's clocked on, say... 10 minutes. But can you keep up that pace for say... an hour, a 5 minute break and go at it for another hour, and so one for a few hours back to back? For some people it's relatively fast-paced and there's a certain speed you have to keep up.

As for pay; well, I don't think my contribution adds a lot here. Payment and salary, along with taxes works totally different over here. But for an, essentially, unskilled job, it is one of the higher paying ones around here, almost double what's minimum wage here. But that might have to do with the fact that it's for the IRS. You're basically employed for the national government.

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