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Dartmouth Research Study - Participants Needed!

Phil seems to be under the impression a dichotomic true/false quiz is an accurate measure of how 'different' people think.

People will answer with what they perceive as socially appropriate, no actual thinking involved. It is a preset dynamic funneling participants to a preselected conclusion.

How is that going to effectively measure the unique, often dynamic thought processes of autistics?


As a whole we tend to have peak and valley learning profiles, diverse interests. Some how it's hard to see a sixteen grid True/False quiz based on neurotypical approved prose as an accurate measure of the cognitive function of the autistic neurotype.

Moreover, they are looking for the historical stereotype (upper to middle class, male, and traditionally white) autistics with their exclusionary criteria. Only those who can afford diagnosis (an average of $2,500 to $5,000 and a median wait time of 2.5 years for an official diagnosis), have access to resources and tools (truth check moment 84% of homes have smart phones/tablets, 74% have computers), that 10% of 5.4 million or 2.2% of the population is a significant number in data collection, and anyone for whom English is a second language.

Nor does it account for the bandwidth of the spectrum ASD 1, ASD 2, ASD 3 or age beyond that of the minimum of 18. Age at diagnosis and spectrum level are huge environmental factors.

Want accurate, autistic perspective, reverse engineer the questions. Get an autistic on board, have them write the questions and the true/false statements and then poll neurotypicals. See what answers you get. Then proceed with the NT to autistic poll. Compare the metrics. Repeat with an neurotypical to neurotypical poll and an autistic to autistic poll. This gives you four control groups of data and much more measurable data.
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