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Comparison Is A Thief Of Joy


Well-Known Member
Took a long and hard look at myself last night. I’m ready to confront my biggest fear, I’m ready to finally get over the hump of being in a gigantic slump

One of my biggest problems: always comparing myself to others, adhering to society standards. It’s not society that wants me to behave a certain way. It’s me who is trying to do everything

Also, I need to loosen up. One of the ways I’m dealing with everything is allowing myself to enjoy myself. Whenever I’m listening to a story, I tell myself to listen to it, as opposed to analyze every thing that I hear

It’s a work progress. It’s like being an addict. Some days I feel I got it but other days, I’m back to square one. No day is perfect and no day should
That is good. Enjoying oneself was a factor in breaking out of the cage of social isolation I was in when I decided that I wanted to reach social goals. Slowly I recognized my value for friendship and found that my interests were an expression of myself.
Comparing your insides to other people’s outsides does not lead to happiness. Besides, everyone else’s lives are not the Instagram album they try to project.
What not simplify your life in maintaining a perspective that reflects the resources you have rather than those you don't have? In essence, stop comparing your life to anyone else.

Deal with your assets and liabilities only based on what you have and are capable of.
On comparing to others -

I remember for whatever reason I got hyperfixated on doing pull-ups in my late 20's. I could never do one from a true resting position.

I beat myself up for it for so long. I worked and worked and didn't understand why. I could hang at the bar for a long time. I could do several pullups from a slightly flexed position. Etc. But I watched videos where other people who could do these pull-ups easily and got so mad at myself. You get the idea.

Then a trainer diagnosed my elbows as having a slight hyperextendability so they "locked" in that resting position. It was impossible for me to do a pull-up from a resting position and would always be impossible no matter the strength gained.

Learned a valuable lesson in that.
Conversely, I find trying to make myself out to be better than someone else does not sit right. It can feel good for a short period - not unlike a drug - then not so good (also like how drugs work).

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