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Chile's draft new constitution includes an article for neurodiversity

Chile is such an interesting country.

It's by no means a perfect place at all but its been often a source of envy for us living elsewhere in South America as it often feels they're at least trying to advance, to move forward, to try new things unlike us.

The outcome of their new constitution will certainly be interesting to follow, they're really enshrining a lot of new ideas.

Ooh, gotta check this out.

Still working on moving to my family's farmland back there, will be interesting to see how this might effect things.

Okay, I’ve read it now, overall it’s quite good, my only real concern is the use of the terms “neurodiversity” and “neurodivergence,” I think they’re, at this point in time at least, too vague and too broad. I’m not necessarily saying only Autistic people should be accepted and others be subjected to forced treatments and forced cures, but again, I think it’s too broad, there are few people know about us in this social atmosphere and thus, it’ll cause confusion and the like.

But again, overall I think it’s a positive movement for us, it makes me really want to move back to my father’s homeland, it’s sounding like a great place to raise my future kids! Glad to see this coming from La Raza de Santiago! I should look into making a Spanish version of my site.

¡Viva Cristo Rey
La Concepción Inmaculada!
Please do keep do keep me updated on this and how it’s going. What are the chances of this going through, and when will it go through if it does?
To be honest, I kind of prefer it this way; that constitution had whole host of other things in it that threatened my family's farmland. Lord-willing when I get there, I'll go for a different approach, a grassroots approach as opposed to a top-down one.

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