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Aspie Sleep Patterns?


Well-Known Member
Lately my weird sleep patterns have become legendary. I go to bed very late and get up late. This has provoked criticism from those who know me and sometimes even family. Most people also think I'm lazy. I have a new special interest at the moment to add to my other special interest and this involves analogue radio communication electronics. I make a point of trying to work at least 2 hours at night from about 23.30 - 2.00 a.m. At roughly 2.00 a.m. I allow myself half an hour to an hour watching a DVD of my choice - more often than not some eighties affair. Anyway the reason I like to be up so late is it's quiet and I can get lots of work done and, as I live on a boat, I can light a good fire, drink lots of coffee and swat up.
Getting up in the morning naturally presents a problem. I'm lucky if I make noon. It tends to be damned cold as well with rain pounding down. I must admit I hugely dislike getting up at this time of year - Summer is far better. Another factor is when I do sometimes have to get up early, I feel awful. Brain feels dead and it takes ages till my mind clears up. I find I solve problems far far better very late at night.
Health effects of such crazy hours? Studies have suggested a lot of sleep can be bad for you and shorten life-span. However, in my case not sure if it still applies as I still work out hard once a week and also cycle everywhere, walk a lot and don't go anywhere by car.
When I worked, I did nights as well. So in those cases I didn't go to bed till 6.00 a.m. Then I got made redundant so have just allowed my body clock to function as it wishes.
I suppose, though, it would be fair to say I am a bit lazy but certainly very active nocturnally. Once I'm up and about I'm O.K. but getting up for me is always tough.
Another curiosity is I start the day always with a cold shower. Even in winter.
I'm a bit of a "weird" sleeper I guess.

I'm a nightperson and as such I rarely sleep before 8 in the morning. A reason for me being a night person is because I actually need the quiet of night to get stuff done. Generally speaking, the day is way too busy for me. I tend to do my shopping when stores just open as well, just to skip the crowds for most part. And, like I mentioned in another thread... no matter what time I go to bed and get out... my mind will draw blanks till 4pm and will slowly start going at 8 in the evening. Before that... I'm somewhat useless... especially if people expect "quality".

From what I understand, the only big thing in terms of health might be sunlight. Too much obviously is bad, but no sunlight at all isn't healthy either. And much like a lot of people who work in factories noticed years back; no windows there, and as such no natural lighting in got people borderlining depression. Don't have a source for it right now, but I read it somewhere once.

As for your family and their judgement... how many hours do you sleep? Waking up at noon isn't lazy, it's probably "productive" if you went in late. There's no law that says you have to get up early, regardless of your bedtime.

While I'm no "expert" on the matter, I always found it hard to believe that a 24 hour cycle is the way it MUST work for everyone. Some people sleep more than the average 8 hours (and feel they need to, to rest), others sleep 6 hours every 2 days. And forcing myself in that structure never worked for me. Clearly it brings weird issues about in terms of employment and practicality (or at least, what people near you judge you on), but I'm still on this with "this structure does not work for everyone".
Sleep patterns are an individual matter. My patterns are totally erratic.

I think if we need sleep, we need to lie down and do it. When we are 'slept out' we will be awake and active in spite of ourselves.

Except: it can be tough to conform to work schedules. I have worked days; I have worked afternoons; mostly I worked from sunset to sunrise. Some personal discipline is needed and often a lot of coffee.

On my own, I get things done when they need be done and am grateful for loud alarm clocks. For the rest, I do my best in the midnight to sunrise hours. Family learned to leave me alone when I am asleep-- except to wake me up in time for work and have a meal ready. LOL.

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