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Any fellow Linux users on here?


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Right. Well, I was able to make a new version of Ubuntu 22.04.1based off the older downloads.
I used a Win 7 computer that was still in the house (My parents still have their 2009 Hewlett Packard running in theliving room;it's not turned off or on much because we're frankly scared of it) and anyway I made a start-up disk.
Was able to get into my computer again & change the boot order using some of those emergency-mode menus, told it to start off the USB drive instead of trying to start from its own self.
Reinstalled Linux at the end of a long day of fighting this thing (It took so long to download the new OS that I was able to go mow the whole yard) and now I have a computer again. Couldn't have happened at a worse time as this is the middle of finals but my computer runs so there is that.
Got to spend the whole day in a terminal, on the command lines, going

$ sudo apt git gud noob
run: bro_wtf.exe
$sudo apt get I thought you had wifi
run: lol no

or something like that. (Those aren't real Linux commands just in case.)
I now have a running computer which is kind of a big deal, and $5.27 later I also have a thumb drive to use as a start disk just in case.


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I now have a running computer which is kind of a big deal, and $5.27 later I also have a thumb drive to use as a start disk just in case.
Yeah, having that thumb drive once saved me from having to reinstall the entire os when I made the mistake of installing a "recommended" Nvidia driver based on rather old hardware. Booted the system up that way and was able to reinstall a more suitable proprietary driver. Small wonder Linus Torval hates Nvidia....

On another note I was able to see that recent updates to Wine 8.0.1 finally stopped all those entries into the log file each and every time I'd open a Windows application. Now when I open Photoshop, nothing at all shows up in the log file.

One thing I've never liked in Linux is how pendantic the OS can get in terms of excessively logging what in most cases turn out to be negligible comments. Glad to see this is being addressed, at least in terms of Wine 8.0.1.
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Tunes and Toons
I have hated nVidia for 20 years, and it has nothing to do with Linux: anyone who has ever tried to play Deus Ex Invisible War on PC back in 2003 will understand why.


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Learned another "Stupid Linux Trick". :cool:

While the OS being able to automatically determine what printers were set up and running, I always hated that when you turned the computer off it would have to account for them all over again at least with Linux Mint 21.1.

I found this fix for it all, so that the OS and it's "cups-browser" no longer searches for those printers on boot-up. Implement the fix in the terminal as follows:

sudo purge cups-browsed

Then reboot, and manually reinstall whatever printers you have that Linux can identify. Once done, the printers will remain showing indefinitely (whether they are off or on) , rather than losing them each time you turn off your computer. Otherwise I would have to turn on my printers and wait for the system to re-identify and install them accordingly.

Just be sure to right-click the "printers"icon to configure it to "show printer icon" all the time on the panel .




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ROTFL....Microsoft will be sooooo butthurt. Imagine forcing an AI to "fess up"...and it did! :D

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