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Any fellow Linux users on here?


Do or do not...there is no try.
Are you using Linux? If so, which distrubution and why? I am using Ubuntu Budgie 20 beta because it is very reliable and I am used to the format. That and my canon printer works with it.
I use Ubuntu server for my main file server and automation control and dual-boot Ubuntu desktop and Windows 10 on my main desktop computer.
I munch more prefer OpenBSD, but it's not too good for desktop use. So i use Void Linux for my desktop systems, as it's the closest to my requirements and it has some OpenBSD applications i prefer (OpenNTP, LibreSSL, doas, ksh, etc.)
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I tried CentOS on a cd from Haking magazine. Very easy to work in. Also tried Mint, Puppy, Ubuntu this way.
I like OpenBSD.
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Want to use void, too lazy to transition.

btw I use arch

I'm hoping to be able to use desktop style linux on my phone when the phones release properly. Android is an example of an ecosystem that is technically linux and open source but in practice horrible and locked down.
Presently I have Ubuntu 18.04 on my desktop. Works well, and my printer is compatible. Now if I can only get the scanning feature working....
Hi! I use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on dual boot in my laptop. This past year I have learned a lot using it, and most of the time I boot on Ubuntu.

I use it mainly for university work, I'm an electronics engineering student, programming and stuff, Thanks to devs Xilinx Vivado is recently available on Linux, with a minor bugs like don't being able to have a desktop icon, but I found a workaround. Besides I like to do most of the things in the terminal.

I also use CentOS by remote access to electronics department server since we use a very very expensive and private software to design digital circuits like in real life. (Synopsys)
Are you using Linux? If so, which distribution and why? I am using Ubuntu Budgie 20 beta because it is very reliable and I am used to the format. That and my canon printer works with it.
Kali Linux, Parrot Linux, Black Arch Linux, Ubuntu Server. Tend to use Mac (Open BSD) as my daily driver for creative endeavours, but I use Kali for professional reasons. :)
I have been running Arch Linux with Gnome for about 2 years now. More recently I began using the ALEZ installer to set up my system with OpenZFS as the filesystem. There is a learning curve to using Arch but its definitely worth the effort. The guy behind ALEZ is doing a good job of making installation of the base system on OpenZFS easy. There are still issues with the ZFS on Linux project but things appear to be improving.

What I like about Arch is that I can decide, at least to some extent, what goes onto my system and what does not. The packaging system is called pacman and its the best I have seen. Prior to Arch I ran Debian but didn't like their slow adoption of new technology. Before that I tried Ubuntu and they were the opposite of Debian. With Ubuntu I was having to remove all kinds of junk that I did not need or want.

The Gnome desktop is not perfect but I can work with it. Its the only desktop that tries to keep it clean and simple, and to get out of my way when I don't need it in my face. To me its the only desktop that doesn't look like some sort of windoze clone. I will say that over time the Gnome Desktop is getting better with each new release.

I have built many whitebox systems over the years to run Linux on. My next build is going to be an AMD Ryzen system with an ATI Radeon card. Maybe this summer I will spec out the parts and begin acquiring them. Right now I have an 8 core i7 system with integrated Intel video and it makes a very decent desktop system. I would not recommend it for gaming though.

-- may the source be with you
For 7 years I have used linux on my desktop computer, and for a while it was my only topic of interest (learning about it) Right now I use windows 10 mainly because I really like to play games.

Even so, I am curious if there are people in this forum whose subject of interest is linux or free software.
Windows is my home as well but I've considered branching out a bit to Ubuntu just for the sake of having a lightweight OS and fresh environment to learn Python on without my usual clutter distracting me. I have like 4 old laptops sitting around that need to be rescued anyway, so I have no excuses anymore :)
Are you using Linux? If so, which distrubution and why? I am using Ubuntu Budgie 20 beta because it is very reliable and I am used to the format. That and my canon printer works with it.
Yes sir. I am one. Ubuntu 20.04 and had about 1 year on linux. Runs all my windows games via lutris and DXVK. Love linux , cant go back to windows now lol. LXQT desktop here as its lightweight
I use Mint. I believe it is the most user friendly. I use to use Fedora, and it worked all right but there was too much stuff that I had to enable before I could use it like I had enjoyed using windows (fr a given definition of "enjoy"--and of "use!"). I've gotten computers with newer versions of windows pre-loaded on them, made sure to boot up the windows partition at least once just in case I would need to someday, and man I cannot figure that **** out. Last version of windows I actually used on purpose was XP. Mint runs all of my games, I got office software, music, and a browser, and it doesn't crash repeatedly after updating. It's good for impressing people who don't know anything about linux lol but honestly it's the easiest OS I've ever used.
Are you using Linux? If so, which distrubution and why? I am using Ubuntu Budgie 20 beta because it is very reliable and I am used to the format. That and my canon printer works with it.
I love installing different distros and giving them a go. Recently installed Garuda Linux...amazing interface and it's based on Arch Linux. It's solid, but it needs at least an i7 (my experience) and a good amount of RAM to run smoothly. This is one of my favourite Linux distros. Since it's based on Arch, the Blackarch tools can be installed and run on it.
Installed Blackarch Linux....a distro made specifically for hacking. I really enjoy using this distro. Arch is stable and the base Blackarch OS can run nicely on an i3. Make sure you can get the wifi drivers before you dedicate a laptop...otherwise I would go with Kali.
Kali Linux is also a hacker-based distro, but based on Debian. Can run well on slower machines and has more support for older drivers.
Been busy creating my own Debian-based OS just for the experience. If anyone wants to learn how it all works, I suggest creating your own.
Wrote a Golang encryption program and cross-compiled it to ARM64 and now run it on my Xioami 9T phone with Kali Nethunter installed on it. Linux is amazing...completely open to customization.
I've been using linux for quite a while (when I have a computer). Started with Ubuntu. Switched to mint some time ago. Recently did a bunch of distrohopping and started using void. Have it running on two machines now. Started from a base install. Trying to learn more about computers. I felt like mint kind of made it too easy to avoid digging in to the bones of the system.
Not sure why, but I'm really interested in the BSD's. Haven't managed to get one set up well enough to really use it yet, though.

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