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an intro


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It's My Birthday!
Hi my name is Jen. My closest friend said to me one day i have known nearly 20 years from the research I have done I feel u may be autistic. Hmm the way i grew up was very controlled. I was beaten and abused so my thoughts were it was from my childhood. I didn't like people, cant stand loud noises, don't recognize peoples face, the last goes on and on. At this point does it even pay to get diagnosed well it help??
Hi Jen, welcome to the forum :) Sorry to hear about your childhood - It's hard to tell if it will help you to get diagnosed, for me it has been helpful, both in understanding myself, and in getting external help to improve my life - but that might be different for you. If you are sensitive to noise, I can recommend using ear-plugs and noise canceling headphones, the diagnosis doesn't change that part :)
Hello. Sometimes trauma / PTSD can have signs similar to that of the spectrum. There's also an overlap between some neurodiversities, such as ADHD and ASD. And of course sometimes someone has multiple concurrent conditions.

Seeking a professional assessment might assist with identifying where you may benefit from supports, and what kinds of supports might be appropriate.
In my opinion, I don't agree with self-diagnosis or armchair diagnosis from friends or family, as we aren't qualified to make medical diagnosis, and that should be the end of the conversation.

If you feel you suffer from poor mental health, such that it is interfering with your daily life, or relationships, then I would recommend you attend sessions with a licensed psychotherapist, that can also perform a comprehensive psychological evaluation on you. Just be careful, because not all therapists are the same, some don't do evaluations. This evaluation will allow them to narrow down what it is, and what it isn't, and ultimately whether a treatment is recommended.

Do not, go to a psychotherapist, for an evaluation, saying what you think it is, or what you hope it is, because it doesn't work like that. This is a clinical evaluation based on evidence, and what the results are, should be based on scientifically verified evaluation techniques. Also, don't answer in ways in which you feel aligns with some diagnosis that you wish for either, because that is likely to only muddy the waters of what is truly the problem.

All I know is, if you are going to see a psychotherapist, and get evaluated for something (ADHD/CPTSD/ASD/BPD etc), it is likely a step in the right direction.

And Welcome to the forum! I am sorry if my response can come across as overly direct.
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Hi @HazedViewz.

Sometimes a journey of self discovery and self diagnosis can be a really meaningful way to understand yourself better. Hopefully, you will benefit form the insight that so many of us have shared in different threads regarding our experiences with autism.
Hi, sound like you've had a huge amount of horridness to deal with. I'm sorry you've been treated like that. If I were you, I'd keep learning about the condition and see if it applies, before committing to spending all that on it. I took 6 years to research and soul search before dciding to getting a diagnosis that, let's face it, was more than I could afford (I'm still paying it off) but, I'm glad I got mine, in the end. To me, my diagnosis completes me, in a weird way. It validates me, because even though I too, suffer from living in a body that is traumatized and diagnosed with a traumatic stress disorder (complex, developmental PTSD) and I felt like a failed human, plenty, in my life, it turns out, I'm not a failure, of a neurotypical human, I'm brilliant, amazing Autistic human.
So, in that sense, pursuing a diagnosis can be very validating for some of us, but, make sure you're sure that it fits, because it's a huge financial commitment, for the most part.
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