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  1. rach3rd

    Can We Truly Be Our Authentic Self?

    I was just diagnosed with autism today. I have been reading and of course "obsessing" about the topic since I first got a high score on an online test. I am married to a NT partner with two kids. I am just now learning a lot of the "lingo". One of the things that I am most concerned about is...
  2. AngelaS267

    America and Autism...?

    Hey there, it's me again... So I'm noticing something here. I am American, Black American to be exact, and I found out I was autistic super late in my life. I went through elementary school, middle school, high school, college, without knowing I was autistic. After finding out that I was, I find...
  3. Stranger85

    Where are you from?

    Hi, As I am new here I would like to know where all of you guys are from in the world ? Thank you :)
  4. Bella Pines

    When are you right now?

    There's a song I remember that goes something like "where's your head at...". I suspect that people on the spectrum are rarely present in the now and don't always fully engage. My head is always in the future, I'm so involved in what will happen that I barely notice what is happening...
  5. aquariuskevin


    The beauty of life I see each day crys of those suffering in our lords world today up with the rich and with with the poor...
  6. SalanaEiyungAisis

    Am I the only one who wishes to live in my favourite cartoons/Animes Universe?

    Please, don't laugh at me for telling you this... :nomouth: I do know that cartoons are creations of humans, but that does not mean I don't consider them as ''unreal''. For me, no matter what, they are always ''real'' in the sense that they have emotions, an interesting story and that I can...
  7. stigmatic

    Overstimulation through emotions?

    So, ever since I heard about the Intense World Theory it's definitely raised questions because I feel like my emotions are way more intense than what someone else feels and with those intense emotions it's like an overload and I usually shut down and get terribly anxious and depressed and have...
  8. M

    What do you think about what is happening in the world?

    This is a quotation from a Syrian born author, "The clash we are witnessing around the world is NOT a clash of religions, and NOT a clash of civilizations. It is a clash between two opposites, between two eras. It is a clash between a mentality that belongs in the Middle Ages, and another...
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