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  1. F

    Feeling burnout, regret, and helplessness when dealing with my studies

    Hello, I'm somewhat new here. I have visited this forum before, but have only read other people's threads and have never made my own account, but decided to make one to create this thread, so here we go. This may be somewhat of a lengthier story, but I think it's necessary to know the context...
  2. M

    Am I annoyed by this or have I learned to be grouchy about it?

    Belong to a breast cancer program. Every year I go for a mammogram, I'm in the control group, as there is no breast cancer in my family history. Then spend twenty minutes or so having my breasts squeezed between two thick flat glass plates. While a technician re-adjusts the angles and touches...
  3. M

    What Causes Autism? New 2016 Research Flags Genes That Could Contribute To Spectrum Disorder

    Now that we’ve finally established that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is not caused by vaccinations, it’s time to uncover its real origins inside our DNA. And thanks to a first-of-its-kind machine-learning program from Princeton University and the Simons Foundation in New York City, scientists...
  4. M

    Things that make you think, what?

    Post facts and interesting tidbits of information that you've discovered recently, that interest you and might interest others. Scientists were and are continuing study of troops of macaques in Sri Lanka. They discovered that mother macaques who have male offspring supply richer and more...
  5. Mary Anne

    Has anyone experimented with nutrition to help alleviate autistic challenges?

    This doctor and his ideas came up on another thread. The doctor is a extremely well known nutritionist, and best selling author. He is well connected to some of the best wellness doctors in the nutritional industry. At first I thought he was a scammer and con artist until I started reading...
  6. Katleya

    Women and girls with autism may face greater challenges with day-to-day tasks, study finds

    This article was brought to my attention by the lovely staff at a non-profit I interact with, and I thought some of you might find it interesting. It links to a longer study; I would have liked some practical examples of their findings, but perfection doesn't exist... You can find the source...
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