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  1. jleeb05

    Unusual Smell/Sensory Preferences?

    I've read a lot on the internet and on this forum about people on the spectrum being hypersensitive to certain smells. For me, it seems like the opposite. While there are, of course, certain odors that I don't like, I feel that I have a fairly weak sense of smell. I also seem to enjoy smells...
  2. callmeriver

    does anyone remember Smelly Bellys?

    as a kid i loved these toys called smelly bellys, they were small plush toys with different scents which relaxed me as a kid and were fun to stim with. one of my favourites was Veri Cherry which had a cherry scent to it. i was wondering if anyone else remembers them if so did you have them? what...
  3. Chat's Meow

    Mask for Smell Sensitivity

    Hi there! I'm new. I joined because I had a question that I couldn't find the answer to online... Does anyone know of a mask to block smells? One that isn't too flashy. Something that I can wear to completely or mostly block out smells?
  4. shysnail

    Dealing with sensory smell issues

    Bit of a weird one today. I live next door to people who smoke both cigarettes and weed for most of the day. I was woken up at 4:00am this morning by the overwhelming smell of weed. It was gross and kept me awake for ages. Has anyone found anything to deal with issues relating to smell? I know...
  5. Copeland

    Trying to figure which of my quirks are ASD or something else

    I am professionally diagnosed Asperger's (social cue/body language unawareness stuff) and HF autism (the extent of my sensory issues I'm still sorting out, speaking of which...) I have an issue with scents of hand lotion and perfume mostly. I don't smell whatever smell it's supposed to be, nor...
  6. A

    Paper and other Sensory Issues

    I am currently awaiting diagnosis after getting tested last week. I am finding out the results on Wednesday, so please have me in your thoughts. The real reason I am writing this is because I have a question. My senses seem to be a super high level. For example, I was in church today and was...
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