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selective mutism

  1. T

    Talking is exhausting me

    I had a bad fight with my partner, it's always the same issue. We are both at fault and I'm working on it, to control myself better. To not react so intense. But... I got a shutdown (like ... the 3 time this month...I feel dead), I tried to recover from it as fast as possible but of course...
  2. W

    Autism or social anxiety, inexperience and selective mutism

    Very curious to know if my experience sounds autistic or if I’m reaching. An acquaintance asked if I was (he recognized part of himself) and my best friend asked me this as well. I always thought they said this bc they confused my social anxiety for it (which is the only diagnosis I have) but...
  3. mourningdove

    Talking/communicating through pets?

    I've always had trouble speaking to my immediate family directly at home. But we had two cats growing up, one of whom I was particularly close to (and who recently passed away, unfortunately). 1.) Communication got easier if I could hold my cat, Moon, and look at him instead of my mother or...
  4. Ame568

    Selective mutism

    Sorry it's been a while since I last posted anything but I got a question and I hope I'm in the right area. I heard that many people on the autism spectrum have selective mutism but research told me that that not actually true, that selective mutism has nothing to do with autism and it's all...
  5. Dionysus

    Daily Survival Guide

    I'll be sharing my own tips and tricks to survive in a day to day household with unaccepting family. Or just rambling and sharing those experiences, plus a fun fact or two. Or six.
  6. Daydreamer

    Selective mutism.

    As a young child, I used to be selectively mute. This lasted just under a year. I wouldn't speak to anyone except my sister, not even to my parents. Often I would use my sister as a translator, I'd speak to her and she could tell others what I wanted. The adults in my life put my hesitancy to...
  7. C

    Am I Aspie or Highly sensitive? I had selective mutism as a child

    Hi all! I've recently self-diagnosed myself with Aspergers Via the internet. So I'm not 100% I'm a aspie, but it sounds like i do. I would like to get a proper diagnosis but not sure how much help I can get in this area ( I live in Hong Kong). What help did you receive after having your...
  8. S

    Frustrated, Not Sure Who To Turn To...

    Hey guys. Just joined because I'm really, really frustrated. Sorry, I should really greet people with a friendly, uplifting post, but I just need to get this off my chest and find some support. It's been bothering me a lot recently. I have aspergers. I'm not bothered by that at all. But when...
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