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  1. Ikarus Diary

    I Confessed My Feelings And Everything's Over

    Hi. Yesterday I decided that the best way to solve my anxiety and uncertainty regarding my teacher was going straight to him and confess. Not in a way to get a chance, but a way to hit myself with the reality and make my brain understand it's impossible that my feelings will ever be answered...
  2. M

    Possible Cause and Cure for Emotional Problems in Autism

    Many autistic people think no one likes them because they're different which can cause a bunch of emotional problems. Limited social interaction may cause you to misunderstand situations and misinterpret people's motives. Emotional reasoning and other cognitive distortions are common so it can...
  3. Z

    Rejection and the art of coping

    Sorry if this isn't the correct forum for it but I am curious to know if I am the only one here who has a hard time dealing with rejection. And moreover what are some ways in which some of you are able to cope with it? For me, I find rejection(and I'm talking about BOTH romantic and social...
  4. Jorg

    I've just been rejected for n-th time by a girl and I'm "confused"

    What's up people!. I have just been rejected by a girl and although I have a lot of experience with rejection Im just confused, I guess it is how naturally happends but now that I'm able to rationalize feelings still hurts a little. You see, I've never had a gf, and my past experiences with...
  5. Ginseng

    The therapist from hell.

    I am going to share something very personal. I hope that y'all will be kind. I went to a therapist after not having seen one since college. I have seen two in my life, but I was unable to open up to either of them due to my past history of abuse. I was hoping that after all these years maybe I...
  6. O

    Extroversion in autism

    Looking for consensus or dissent here: I think that autism does not make a person introverted by nature, just by default. Let me explain: before exhibiting AS traits, I was "normal" child, talking and socializing until my second birthday. After that I became "shy" and "withdrawn," but never...
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