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  1. Neonatal RRT

    On the problem of perception

    One of the topics that is often brought up here on the forums is this concept of perception and context. I believe every human being has a struggle with perception,...and context, but for many autistics, this is particularly difficult. Daily, we see people on this forum discussing some problem...
  2. Daydreamer

    Do You Disassociate Or Experience Derealisation?

    I do. For different reasons. Usually happens when I'm feeling overwhelmed. The main two experiences that can lead to this are moments of intense emotion, or too much sensory information. When I become overwhelmed for sensory reasons, things start to feel less real. I begin to feel...
  3. B

    Novice Here

    Greetings, Once upon a time when I had friends they called me JT. I am a male 65 years of age and retired living in a region of the US that I disdain and refuse to call home. Contemporary society has molded me into a highly cynical recluse. Because of my Asperger’s traits I have developed an...
  4. brandonleeh92

    Hiding your difficulty's

    As i ventured into the business world I noticed how my struggles will always need to be hidden. The energy required to accomplish that is quite difficult. I hope to blog about how I work on my perception while keeping symptoms at bay.
  5. M

    Do Aspies/Auties find themselves embarassed at praise or compliments?

    Don't know if this is an aspie/autie difficulty, or if my perception of the world makes me suspicious of everyone. Have a difficult time accepting compliments or positive input, it somehow makes me nervous. Or is this low self-esteem, related to having received few positive interactions in...
  6. Maria

    Online distance learning programme: Autism Spectrum/Dr. Olga Bogdashina

    I'm going to start learning in this programme. Maybe this information will be helpfull for anyone. I 've met Olga Bogdashina on the Conference she is very cleaver and she has helped me to understand why my son has bad behaviour. It is connected with his peception. Hyper sensitive eyes and ears...
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