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  1. Jenisautistic

    Signs you are getting some of your old self back and maybe some tips or ideas

    My question is, how can you tell when you’re getting better like when you feel more like yourself instead of feeling numb, you feel feelings basically as you know and if you do feel like you're getting better, how do you take your next steps? How do you go with the flow and ride with your...
  2. A

    My life-changing autism diagnosis 2021-06-22

    My life-changing autism diagnosis As a woman with autism you're likely to receive a diagnosis much later in life than if you are a man with the condition. Why is that and what impact does a late diagnosis have? Kim Chakanetsa is joined by two autistic women who are speaking up about their...
  3. Jorg

    Living with older parents that struggle with technology

    So, I'm 29yo and I'm still living with my parents, mostly because I'm in college and hopefully this year I will graduate and find a job. Have you stuggled with your parents or other olders wihen it comes to tecnology? My parents are 67 and 64 yo, and as the "tech savy" in the family, and the...
  4. M

    Hi. Diagnosed aged almost 60, new here.

    Greetings! I am in the UK. having struggled my whole life with what I believed was a "fatal flaw" somewhere deep inside my being, and as the result of many years of searching, counselling, etc, a random conversation with a friend led to my wondering whether my "flaw" was merely a difference...
  5. Mike Stouffer

    The Lens

    I've been uncomfortable around others my entire life. Have used the camera as a barrier between others and myself. Earplugs that are blue putty like, and off camera I go. Because of something being uncomfortable doesn't mean one has to stop enjoying the life around us. It's when we deal with the...
  6. M

    Do those symptoms sound like ASD?

    I'm not asking for a diagnosis, it recently dawned on me that my father might be autistic, He's 67 so I'm not going to do anything about it, I just want some closure after growing up in my toxic family that wasn't perfect otherwise anyways. So here are some examples: - walks into the room and...
  7. Greigharts

    Finally a diagnosis that fits (Only took 50 plus years)

    Hi Everyone my name is Julian I'm finally out of the fog of a 3 year depression and got a handle on my other "issues". Being on new meds and working with good doctors at last, is great! But ... Finally knowing I'm on the spectrum is the BEST!!! (To bad Aspergers is no longer in the DSM V, it...
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