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  1. An0maly_1976

    New Normal?

    Hi! So glad to find this site, hoping to find others I can identify with that can help me make some sense of myself. After stumbling across mention of Asperger's, I took an online RAADS test that placed me at or 2-3 times ASD thresholds. I strongly suspect I am an Aspie (self-diagnosed)...
  2. Searching for My Place on the Spectrum

    Searching for My Place on the Spectrum

    I think Patsy Clairmont was on to something when she said: Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer I find that book title encouraging because it suggests that each of us has something to contribute to a generally accepted view of normal. As we seek to find value by adopting change in some...
  3. HappynessMad

    Do you think it is normal to not disclose autism or even try not act like it?

    I am a soon to be college student. (Guess my age, just graduated high school) I was diagnosed with autism at age 4 and was enrolled in public education until graduation... On to the point, I did not know what was it like to be autistic until age 10-11 when I read some confidential information...
  4. DiverseWonderland

    What is Normal for us?

    So we know about the "Social Guidelines" and what is considered "Normal" These days but what i want to know is what do you all do that you consider "normal" for yourself or what do you do that most others don't do? For instance I will play by imagining something in my head but on the outside...
  5. O

    Being the lemon in the relationship

    Just saw a post about NTs feeling traumatized in a relationship with an Aspie. The article describing the relationship trauma might have been written by my spouse, who is often convinced he "bought a lemon" when he fell in love with me. He also thinks I use my AS diagnosis as an excuse to get a...
  6. A

    The Mask of Normality

    I realize this is a video, but I didn't think it really belonged in the media vault. Basically, I find this video to offer informative and helpful tips about how to realistically and healthfully exist in this NT world.:)
  7. Saleje


    Hi, I'm Saleje. I have diagnosed myself with aspergers and will be officially diagnosed sometime this month. I was misdiagnosed with bipolar then later schizoaffective. Well after about a year on no psych meds. They (therapist) cant seem to figure out how a person with a serious mental illness...
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