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  1. furkandorum

    People's I.Q

    Are other people really have less iq than me or is this just another "thing" of being an aspie? I excessively feel like all the other people are bunch of gorillas that can somehow talk my language. I surely can't control this feeling, it is annoying and it is making my life harder. Innerly, i...
  2. Octopodes'MentalHealth

    I'm not sure what to write here...

    Hello I am new to the forum. I discovered it while searching the internet to see if some of my "quirks" are just autistic traits. Specifically, when I get overwhelmed, I have a tendency to shut down or freeze. Such as when I feel like I cannot speak. The thoughts and answers to people's...
  3. BrokenBoy

    How do I live a happy life despite losing the genetic lottery?

    While I'm not outright retarded, I'm definitely "below average" when it comes to intelligence, if only slightly at best. My genetics and DNA also makes me have an ugly looking face which makes me look like a mix of Michael Cera and Liza Minelli with Jim Morrison's hair. I'm not joking. That's...
  4. KRISTEN deanna AKLAND


    People treat me different. It's in the tone of their voices the looks on their face. They look at me with pity.. and fill my head with lies because they are afraid I can't handle the truth. Heads up, autism doesn't mean stupid. It's a neurological phenomenon and mostly affects how I interact...
  5. BrokenBoy

    I wish I was good enough for him.

    Ok at school I see a counselor and he's probably the coolest person in school. He's smart, cultured and wise. He's an old man and from what I can tell, seen many things, gone a lot of places and all sorts of people. If it wasn't obvious enough, I admire all of these qualities and unlike, with...
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