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  1. OnyxM

    Share your dream living

    I would LOVE to live in the mountain. I'd like to have a small piece of land, just enough to grow my own flour, veggies and fruit trees (not many), and a small house like a tiny village cottage. Waking up in the early morning, tending to my garden, walking around the village, near the forest...
  2. Misery

    Dealing with scares when home alone

    Okay, so this is one I've been through a few times. I'm home alone for a few days every now and then. Usually when the others head up to the lake house for a couple of days... if I dont feel like going with, I'm stuck here at the main house till they get back. Most of the time, I'm fine. But...
  3. My very own corner of peace and love

    My very own corner of peace and love

    Writing in anonymity has become a way to take care of myself. Every time I type a word, it's like combing my hair, or brushing my teeth. Sometimes it's like taking a hot bath for my soul, which is good since I don't have a bathtub. I decided to invest in a full size mattress for myself, so I can...
  4. LucyPurrs

    Where in the world are you from?

    Thought this would be interesting and that we needed something new, :D Where in the world were you raised and where do you live now (don't mean a specific address here, just a state or country, whichever you are comfortable with)?
  5. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Creating a space to create

    I was about to sit down to write in the dining room table, when I realized: 'this is absurd; I recently bought a beautiful desk and a very comfortable desk in order to write. Why do I feel more comfortable here? This can't be'. I moved almost all the furniture in my living room and dining room...
  6. Sabrina


    Hi, is anyone here a minimalist or is interested in minimalism? I started this lifestyle path formally four years ago, but I've always been interested in finding new ways to simplify my life. Having less visual distractions at home, and reducing the amount of decisions that I have to make...
  7. HelzBelz


    I'm right on the tip of a burnout and know I need to make some changes if I want to stop myself tipping into the abyss, although I don't have the energy to think, process and take action. I've noticed a lot of aspies seem to go through regular burnout - have any of you found ways to cope when...
  8. Bolletje

    Living with a social NT partner

    I apologize if this is a topic elsewhere, couldn't find it with the search function. So here goes: I live together with my neurotypical boyfriend, with whom I've been together for four years. We get along really well and I love him to bits, but of course I wouldn't be posting if there wasn't an...
  9. gonzerd

    Architecture and Autism

    I'm still 'without home' these day (I don't want to say homeless, because that gives the impression I'm living out on the streets or something, and I'm not.) which is severely limiting my executive functioning, so I'll try to keep it short, because I can't otherwise. It feels like one of those...
  10. wanderer03

    It's getting too expensive to live

    My family is an important part of my support and it's getting very expensive to live near them; even with food stamp assistance, rent is very hard to afford at over a 1000 a month for a one bedroom apartment. I guess one way to mitigate the expense some is to take on a roommate and move to a two...
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