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  1. L

    How can I accept my diagnose and stop masking?

    TRIGGER WARNING: depression, OCD, anxiety, suicide thoughts. Hello. It'll be a little long, sorry for my broken english: I was diagnosed last november. The process took almost eight months. I was already going to a psycologist since 11 years old and to a psychiatrist, since 15 years. I have...
  2. DesertRose

    Grown children

    My grandson, was just diagnosed with aspergers. I really knew nothing about it until recently. With all the research I've done on this topic lately, I now can say almost without a doubt, his mother is autistic/aspie. I had no idea back then, it was 30+ years ago. I've also seen a lot of the same...
  3. Gritches

    PTSD and the Healing Power of Self-Forgiveness

    Very recently, I've learned of the healing power behind forgiving yourself for a troubled past, and as highlighted in JDartistic's post about dealing with humiliation, I'm not alone in that sentiment. I would, however, like to explain where I was, where I am now, and what changed in hopes that...
  4. A

    Feeling guilty about my collection

    Some of the things I have collected are very useful in an unarguably practical sense - I can wear them, and I will need to wear them, and eventually will wear them all out. Other things were purely decorative, but made our home look nice, and my husband likes them all. But what I have felt...
  5. Gritches

    The Destructive Power of the Phrase "Life isn't fair"

    "Life isn't fair." - The motto of those who don't care about just how unfair life has been to someone else. "Life isn't fair". I hate that saying so incredibly much. It can't be defeated because it's technically true. It's true because it makes itself true via its use and application by those...
  6. Gritches

    Who's the Monster?

    Who's the Monster? I've been reading a lot lately about psychopathy (or more properly, antisocial personality disorder) and its overlaps and connections with autism. It should be noted that "psychopathy" doesn't actually have a formal definition in the DSM or ICD, but I fail to see any major...
  7. Z

    Feeling Guilty for who am I

    Does anyone else feel guilty because of their disability and find them selves constantly apologising for needing helping, having a melt down etc. People tell me I say sorry to enough but I feel like have too.
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