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  1. autism-and-autotune

    The Green Knight

    I knew not what to expect when I watched this film with my fiance about a month ago. Mistakenly I'd thought it to be a work by Tolkien, but no; it is a film based on an old Angle-Saxon poem, written around the same time as Beowulf (unless I'm mistaken again). Like most poetry from the age, it is...
  2. M

    Post photos taken on expired film

    If you have any film that is expired, why not take photos with it? Make sure to correct any color casts contained in the film before uploading the photo. If the expired film is panchromatic, take pictures using the following technique: Three exposures on separate film frames, one through a red...
  3. Skittlebisquit

    Dominique Fishback

    Mz Fishback performs part of "schoolgirl rap" in the net film Project Power which came out about four months ago. The rap was written and performed originally by one fantastic big beautiful american woman calls herself Chika. If you havent seen it yet its well worth watching. Mz Fishback plays...
  4. M

    Online videos (vlogs) originally shot on film

    I have just learned that a lot of content made for television (before high definition video recording) was originally shot on photographic film. Does anyone here know of any online videos (not previously shown on television or at a cinema) that were originally shot on film and transferred to...
  5. D

    Hello my new Tribe!

    I was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism last year. I’m 27 years old , work full time as a lead designer for a Apparel brand, and love anything creative. I recently went to one of my therapy sessions where I was encouraged to join a forum to meet people in a similar boat I’m in. Now I’m...
  6. Bella Pines

    Netflix recommendation request

    I really enjoyed Star Trek discovery, I can relate to Michael Burnham, especially episode 7 when she says; "but tonight, I face one of my greatest challenges so far. Tonight, we are having ... a party". I also liked Big Bang Theory, Once, Gods of Egypt and Sherlock. Does anyone have any...
  7. The Midge

    The Kingdom of Us - A Netflix documentary

    Netflix reveals heartbreaking British documentary film Kingdom of Us A documentary film about a family of 7 children who cone to terms with the suicide of the father. The father had debts of £1000 000 +. Some of the children have autism. It sounds like a good film. Sun Newspaper article...
  8. Newt

    Animated Films - Embarassed to watch them...why?

    Hello, I'd just like to say I'm a new member here, but I don't expect to be a regular poster as I've learned to cope with my AS in recent years. However, there is one bizarre issue I have that I've never been able to understand. I think it would be worth noting that I am a MASSIVE film fanatic...
  9. Vinca

    Competition to create a short film about autism.

    (The following is not written by me, but copied from http://www.autism.org.uk . There is additional information via the following link http://www.autism.org.uk/uncut ) Autism Uncut Film and Media Awards Autistic people are often misrepresented, stereotyped, or simply cut out altogether by the...
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