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eating disorder

  1. kityoume

    oddities while eating

    Have you ever encountered strange things while eating? For example, do you know such a feature that while eating you want to stroke your legs with one hand to relieve tension? Have you experienced obsessive stroking while eating?
  2. Lizzie Earnshaw


    So hey, not sure if I’m intruding or not but hoping i might be able to find some answers. I was looking into ways (like self help cause already on antidepressants for PMDD so what will more doctor help include other than upping the dose...) to get myself out of my OCD tendencies and stumbled...
  3. Clueless in Canada

    I Probably Have an Eating Disorde

    I'm not braining very well this week so may not be putting this in the right spot. Forums confuse me even on good brain days. So, this is the first time I am articulating outside of my own head that I probably have an eating disorder. It's not the obvious kind. I am not underweight or...
  4. F

    Body Image Issues?

    Anyone on here ever have issues with body dysmorphia and/or eating disorders? Ive struggled with issues like this for the last ten years, Ive always felt really self conscious about my appearance and my athleticism, although I havent always been active. For me its a sort of compensation for...
  5. M

    An aloha and questions from a between-diagnosis 34yr old guy

    Hey all... Im 34 and am currently being tossed around psychologists and such after a rituals, manic depressive, adhd, ocd life crossed with an eating disorder/exercise addiction and landed me in discussions about high functioning autism... That sounds crazy! and is; however I'm like a 90%...
  6. sisselcakes

    Eating disorders and ASD

    I just wanted to share this because I thought it was interesting. I just broke up with my (suspected) ASD boyfriend. He doesn't understand that he cannot monitor and critique my exercise and eating habits. The last straw was when he told me I had fat rolls. I broke up with him. For some...
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