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diagnosis asperger

  1. P

    Help with diagnosis

    Does it sound like I might be on the spectrum? (As a child) Extreme lack of curiosity (which was strange for a child): not curious about the outside world, did not ask any questions like “why is the sky blue?” And not feeling curious even when such questions were asked by grownups. Despised...
  2. allan619

    The Ritvo Autism Asperger Diagnostic Scale - Problematic Questions

    The Ritvo Autism Asperger Diagnostic Scale Has anybody taken this test, I have just taken it online and I have to say it wasn't easy to answer the questions, simple as they seem. In fact I found that the questions were poorly formed, were strangley broad and the selection of 4 multiple choice...
  3. Federica

    here we are, Federica, from Italy

    Hi, I am Federica, 40 years old (but childish), and I have been diagnosed Asperger as an adult, 2 years ago. Also all my life has changed. I closed a relationship that was very bad for me, left a job that I wasn't happy to do anymore, faced my second cancer (now faing the third), found my real...
  4. windowall

    Types of diagnosis and diagnosis procedure

    Hi guys, I am seeking a formal diagnosis because I need help in school. I'm also struggling in my life and need specialized therapy.I don't know about formal diagnosis and how it works. Are there different types of diagnosis? Do you need a specific type to get help in school? Would like to...
  5. Mary Anne

    New ICD-11 manual mirrors U.S. autism criteria

    The ICD-11 (Published now available as of May, 2018) also removes Aspergers as does the DSM-5 in the United States. New global diagnostic manual mirrors U.S. autism criteria Summary: “The criteria are part of a highly anticipated update to the “International Classification of Diseases,” a...
  6. Asperger's and Puberty

    Diagnosis Update

    Not sure how many already know but I am in the beginning stages of my diagnosis for ASD. The problem now is that ASD is categorized into five groups and the doctor's (clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.) aren't sure if mine is Asperger's because they completely missed the diagnosis...
  7. Asperger's and Puberty

    New Diagnosis

    Hey guys, I know it's been a while since my last post so I just wanted to update everyone. As seen in my introduction thread, I was and still am currently seeking diagnosis. In addition to my past diagnoses of ADHD and OCD, the Psychiatrist believes because of my tics that I definitely have...
  8. Lonelyaspie173

    Looking for friends

    Hi. I guess to start off I've not been confirmed I have Aspergers but to be a person like me you'd have to know. I literally have a story that could tell to make an Hollywood aspie movie but I bet a lot of us aspies could so I'm not alone in that department. And trying to get a Asperger's...
  9. I

    Sounds this like Asperger-women symptoms?

    I've having problems to have my correct diagnosis. Main symtomps I struggle with is: - Insecurities - Difficult interaction - Some thing of depresion - Some apathy/avolition - Difficulties in executive function - Poor thougth like sounding just a song in my head when I'm going for a walk for...
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