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Types of diagnosis and diagnosis procedure


Hi guys,

I am seeking a formal diagnosis because I need help in school. I'm also struggling in my life and need specialized therapy.I don't know about formal diagnosis and how it works. Are there different types of diagnosis? Do you need a specific type to get help in school? Would like to hear about your guys experience with the diagnosis procedure and what type you got.
Depends on where you live for both the time it take to get diagnosed and also term used. USA now just used Autism Spectrum Disorder. Most of the rest of the world still uses Asperger's too but that is changing quite rapidly now.

Getting a diagnosis can take years and the battles can be numerous. Here in the UK there's a waiting list to see a clinician who can diagnose and you have to go through GPs so it's an uphill battle. Not sure about the rest of the world. France is about 50 years behind - or so I'm told - in terms of diagnosing and "treatment" options available. Many don't even recognise Asperger's in the first place.

Me? I got diagnosed when I was referred to the Community Mental Health Team by my GP at the time. I then got referred to a specialist team dealing with people who suffer psychosis as were my symptoms seeming to be at the time - unrelated to autism, I might add - then my care coordinator picked it up on the first visit I had with him. Did the AQ and EQ. Got diagnosed by a psychiatrist about a year later after a few appointments with him. During that time I was prescribed risperidone, an antipsychotic to help with my symptoms. Psychiatrist then ruled out psychosis but agreed to leave me on it to help with "mood stabilisation issues regarding Asperger's".

The story goes on but that's the meat of it that you'd probably be interested in.
It all depends on which country you are in, or even which region - the procedure varies from country to country, but it usually entails an initial referral by your GP to clinicial qualified to diagnose ASD. I also think that it's possible to get a private diagnosis without a GP referral, but you'd need to do some research for that to see who can diagnose locally, and it's also expensive.

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