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  1. Au Naturel

    Interesting bit of research

    I'm not entirely sure that in vitro research is specific enough to identify the causes of autism. Still, I think it will be useful in understanding the brain more generally. https://www.washingtonpost.com/science/2023/10/05/autism-genes-brain-development/
  2. Neonatal RRT

    A research resource on the autistic brain. AutismBrainNet

    I'm just going to leave this here: Category: Science Articles - Autism BrainNet
  3. D'Andre

    Singing issues

    I have been singing my whole life. I record, write, sort of play....but I'm have an issue with my upper register. My question as a newly discovered person on the spectrum...can shutdowns and exposure to overly stimulating situations affect "vocal coordination" A year ago, I experienced what I...
  4. Slim Jim

    Immune system controls social behavior

    Why your immune system may control your social behavior « Kurzweil Implications for autism-spectrum disorders and schizophrenia The Gut-Brain-Immune Axis in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A State-of-Art Report Front Psychiatry. 2021; 12: 755171. Published online 2022 Feb 3
  5. Slim Jim

    Optical Illusion reveals if your Brain is Male or Female

    Do you see the man running towards or away from you in this optical illusion? Illusion shows if you have female or male brain & what you see first says a lot If you saw the runner approaching, this means you have a more male brain. If you saw the figure hightailing it away from you, it means...
  6. M

    Listening Training

    Listening Training What is it? Listening training is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy based on the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis in France. The premise is that music and voice with different frequencies are used to stimulate dormant brain circuits. Kids listen to sounds on headphones following a...
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