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  1. C

    (Survey, USA) Developing an app for adults on the spectrum to help with disability benefits

    Hello! My name is Chris Reierson and I'm a UX Design student formally diagnosed with ASD. I'm currently developing an app for adults on the spectrum who receive or are interested in receiving federal and/or state disability benefits (e.g. SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, etc.). This is a school project...
  2. Amy Stone

    Benefits in the US in being diagnosed Level 1...?

    I am sorry if this has been covered before, but I want to make sure I understand everything correctly before making any final decisions. Can anyone tell me what the benefits are of being diagnosed ASD Level 1 on the spectrum in the US? I specifically mean social security, disability...
  3. C

    Biopsychology Final Project

    Hello! My name is Camryn! I am a university student and I have been working on a biopsychology project for the past three months. My project has been centered around Autism and other related autism spectrum disorders (ASD). As the last piece of my assignment, I am to take steps to help aid the...
  4. xudo

    The Dreaded PIP Form

    So, I have decided to finally bite the bullet and apply for PIP. For those who don't know, this is a UK disability benefit called Personal Independence Payment. I am currently filling out the PIP2 form with the help of my husband, and already it's confusing and a bit overwhelming. Most of the...
  5. Major Tom

    What kind of advantages does your ASD provide for you?

    I know that ASD provides many disadvantages to people, but that isn't what this is about. I would like to know of any specific advantages you feel your ASD gives to you. (No need to share sensitive abilities or talents if you don't want to.) For me, I have an EXCELLENT sense of hearing, which...
  6. As sweet as-pie

    PIP appeal (UK)

    Hi All, I've just heard back from my mandatory reconsideration, surprise surprise! I've been rejected. However, it's not over yet. I've just written my appeal letter and gathered together a load of evidence to support my claim. It doesn't help the DWP that they told blatant lies about me when...
  7. As sweet as-pie

    Rant/Long post: Disability Benefit Assessment (UK)

    Hi all, I've just gotten home from my medical assessment for PIP with Independent Assessment Services (Formerly ATOS). If any of you are familiar with spoon theory, I am very low on spoons right now. I attended the appointment with my dad because even though I'm now 18, he pretty much talks...
  8. Bro'Freak

    Help for people in the UK. Free lawyer support 'Pro Bono'

    Hi all, I saw this & I thought I should share it out to AC members living in the Uk. If you're having trouble with the DWP it might be worth giving these guys a call. (Click the link below for a descriptive news item on their success) Volunteer Student Lawyers Have 96% Success Rate In...
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