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aspie dating

  1. B

    Seeking perspective.

    It's long setup, I'm sorry. I am not on the autism spectrum (I don't believe) but I do have moderate-severe ADHD so there is some overlap in symptoms. Having a ND brain, I found a lot of similarities in the way my brain worked compared with my former romantic interest. However, I am having...
  2. K

    I fell for an aspie and it hurts

    Hi everyone. I hope someone can provide some helpful advice. I'm neurotypical and 8 months ago I met a man, a very interesting man. He never mentioned being an aspie, and I doubt he even knows he has this condition, but after a few months of trying to explain his behaviour I did my own research...
  3. Devany

    Long-term NT-Aspie Relationship: Is Invalidation Normal?

    Hello everyone :), This is my first post and I am looking for advice on certain aspects of my relationship with my Aspie partner. A little intro to our couple : I am a NT woman who is in a long-term relationship with an (undiagnosed) Aspie man. We have been together for almost 5 years and just...
  4. Redruby

    NT female with Aspie man - am I stuck as a FWB

    Hello Everyone, I have been reading this forums for a while and I appreciate everyone's honesty and advices and decided to write a topic myself. Any advices or thoughts written for me will be much appreciated. I am a NT female who has met an Aspie man a little over a year online. We texted and...
  5. Redruby

    NT female courting an Aspie Male - Advices appreciated

    I am a NT woman that is in love with an Aspie man. We have been having a physical relationship for about 6 months now but I want to be in a relationship with him. He's been very clear that he doesn't want a relationship with me because he doesn't see it with me. Once the mind is made, is...
  6. A


    Even though I have Aspergers I can say that I have been in a couple "long" term relationships. However I ended both for different reasons. The first boyfriend I had was very insecure and extremely immature despite being five years older me. I broke up with him during my first semester of my...
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