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  1. Lizzie Earnshaw


    So hey, not sure if I’m intruding or not but hoping i might be able to find some answers. I was looking into ways (like self help cause already on antidepressants for PMDD so what will more doctor help include other than upping the dose...) to get myself out of my OCD tendencies and stumbled...
  2. T

    Touch starved with touch aversion?

    So im pretty upset at the moment so this post might be a little hard to follow. I am asexual with a history of abuse. I do not enjoy sex, I hate it, borderline disgusts me. I am also descovering myself to have touch aversion. Like touching accedently while sitting next to soneone im mostly ok...
  3. cberg

    Tough questions - unique friendship

    I just spilled my guts about some deeply personal genetic & sexual health issues to my female best friend, kind of a 'graysexual' coming out, except there's the anatomical side. I told her she's the only one I trust about this. My struggle is about how to tell her I can't replace her, how I...
  4. Diagnosed2015

    How to Propose to an Aspie -- at least, this one

    I have a PLATONIC friend in the building that I've known for almost 2 years. We have things in common, like music and computers and really strange senses of humor, he's a great cook, so we've been eating together for the whole time, etc. He's an old hippie and but there's an ounce or two of...
  5. Caelix3

    Problems with relationships?

    I tend to have problems maintaining a relationship. It either turns out to be toxic or the other person is too sexual. I identify as Panromantic asexual. I find it hard to have a relationship when most people are sexual and want sex. While I don't. It also doesn't help that my autism, causes me...
  6. J

    Is anyone hyposexual?

    So I have like zero sex drive. I mean, I literally feel like nothing has changed since I was a kid. Physically, my body works just fine and I'm old enough to know that my feelings about it aren't gonna change. I'm just curious if this is a me thing or an aspie thing. I consider myself asexual...
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