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am i autistic

  1. K

    Help! Am I autistic?

    Hello friends, I'm new to this forum and to the idea of being autistic. I'm 22, married, and chronically ill with Fibromyalgia. I was heavily emotionally and mentally abused as a kid into my teen years which is why I am only just now realizing some things about myself. I discovered autism while...
  2. T

    Am I relatable? I’m in need of understanding

    Hello, my name is Tom and I’m 30 years old. For a very long time I’ve often wondered why I have felt different to most people, socially, and as a result I’ve been bullied through school, withdrawn from family and looked at like a weirdo. I will let you guys know a type of difference I experience...
  3. E

    I Wonder...

    Hey everyone! My name is Emily, and I’m 27 years old. I was diagnosed with severe ADHD at about age 21-22; Until then, I always wondered what was “wrong” with me. Since then, I’ve had quite a bit of success managing my varying symptoms with Adderall. I often wonder, however, if it’s possible...
  4. hatfullofrain

    When you first suspected you were autistic as an adult

    How did you react? Was it a relief? Did you feel despair that it meant you would never be normal? What did you do? I was 19 when it was suggested I might be autistic. It was 1998. There was no information for women on the spectrum back then. It was seen as a thing only boys had. Women didn't...
  5. Oda

    I suspect I have ASD - would love input

    Hi, I'm a 23y/o female, doing a clinical/research master in neuropsychiatry. About a year ago I had a discussion with my mother about how disappointed she was that as a teenager I would barely go out or meet up with other people my age, and since I became older this trend has only gotten...
  6. TheArronaut

    Do you think I should try to get a diagnosis?

    I have difficulty connecting with my emotions. To compensate, I will ask others what an appropriate reaction is to any given situation so I can determine if I'm having it. I don't like being touched unless I'm initiating, it gives me a crawly gross feeling. Sudden loud noises are distressing...
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