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  1. Major Tom

    How to make homemade wine:

    Hey all, I'm not sure how many of you are interested in chemistry, or alcohol, but if you are, maybe you'll like this! I've been doing this for years, the skill has been handed down from my father, but modified to suit my own economical purposes. Basically what you need is 100% fruit juice...
  2. asperagus

    Are Aspies more susceptible to substance addictions?

    Just wondering what the community thinks about Aspies and substance addictions. I don't want to get into the legalities. Whether it be alcohol, tobacco, cannabis (legal in some places), illicit drugs, etc. Are Aspies more prone to addiction than the general population? For me, I find that I...
  3. S

    nearly 50, just so quiet and alone

    AS usual, I've come here with lots of thought and feelings spinning through me. Then wasn't sure where to post, or even what I wanted from posting. I think I'm used to writing this kind of thing in my diary, but as I've now found some understanding and supportive people, thought I would open it...
  4. K


    Went to a little semi-private art show sorta shin-dig last night, all adults of around 35 years old and up to 88 years. What bothered me the most was there were no non-alcoholic beverages offered, though there was a little bit of left over club soda sitting next to the sangria. I had brought two...
  5. AustinTheAspie


    Howdy. It's everyone's favorite aspie. Got a question; what does everyone think about the intoxicating liquid substance known as alcohol? Personally, I love it. I'm an avid beer, wine, and occasional whiskey drinker. Thankfully I know when to cut it off, and I don't drink to excess. I'm...
  6. CatKid

    Substance Aversion ?

    Hi!! Sorry, this is my first thread on here.... When searching, I've seen a lot about people on the spectrum being alcohol-addicts (and presumably drugs and all), but I am literally very averse to all of those...... For so many reasons too... I often hate the taste (even evaporated), and I'm...
  7. H

    Self-Diagnosed Female Seeking a Formal Diagnosis (Aspergers Syndrome)

    About four years ago, I was speaking with an older family friend and mentioned that I feel like I'm different to others. She has known me since I was born and has professed in social work. She told me that, particularly as a child she has noticed that I show traits of Aspergers syndrome. Having...
  8. notoriousmeh

    23 year old female, new diagnosis & unrealized social deficits due to previous substance abuse

    Hi all! My name is MB and I am a 23-year-old student in my second year of a Master's in Social Work program (not the status quo, I realize). I began going through the formal process of diagnosis with a psychologist who specializes in Asperger's (or ASD now) after being referred to the...
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