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Whaddaya mean, whassit about?

Racing racing through my brain,
Is there balance to maintain.
My thoughts a virtual food chain,
And nature never knows humane.

So anyway, I feed the beast,
Daily news at very least.
And even when I think off-piste,
My knowledgebase is still increased.

It seems that first it needed filling,
Packed with info then just chilling.
All the while, connections willing,
Raising thoughts that are fulfilling.

Now it's reached capacity,
And also perspicacity.
Ideas of sagacity,
Come with pertinacity.

Finally getting up to speed,
All the others give no heed.
To the one who is decreed,
To tell the truth as guaranteed.

So listen for the dragons breath,
Not doing so will mean your death.
Leaving naught to drink but Lethe,
Forgetful of your shibboleth.

For acting as the faithful font,
Is our heroes only want.
Looking oh so nonchalant,
While seeking out his debutante.

Alas alack, becomes apparent,
True desires were not transparent.
No-one loves the man aberrant,
When failed methods are inherent.

Then oh what am I to do,
For love I need a new breakthrough.
A person whom I can construe,
For me alone, an ingenue.

But really that's just fantasy,
Just noncorporeality.
I must maintain morality,
Afore I reach mortality.

Then frustration is my fate,
And loneliness, a lack of mate.
It bears on me, effects my gait.
A pressing down upon my pate.

It feels like I'm slowly sinking,
Looking at my fate unblinking.
Maybe I should take up drinking,
All my world is vile and stinking.

Yet I want it not to end,
Is it too much to need a friend.
Tried to hard to just pretend,
Because I couldn't comprehend.

Ah well it could have been much worse,
I shouldn't moan that it's adverse.
At least I come up with diverse,
And hopefully entertaining verse!


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