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The 4 part *Klingon series*

When I started this Blog, I was writing about each individual Generator.
Then after awhile, I was able to categorize various recurrent topics.

For instance, there are four items on the subject of Klingons.
The first one, travel the river of blood , is a simple pop up, meaning
it quotes material that doesn't recombine. Klingon sayings such as:

In war there is nothing more honorable than victory.
If a warrior ignores duty,he is...nothing.

The background is suitably grim/somber. It was posted over four years ago,

Next, is basic KLINGON: a traveler's guide
Posted 10 September 2015.
Another simple pop-up. Just quotes, nothing recombining.
Sayings translated from the Klingon to English.
woH nuHlIj. = pick up your weapon.
nIvmo' tlhInganpu'. = Klingons are great.

I didn't make anything up. I used standard/canon Klingon sayings and the standard
English translations of the sayings.

After that there is new klingon proverbs
The Descriptor explains that new content will arise.

"Old proverbs gain new life while we honor the memory of those who perished at Khitomer.
May the Warrior Spirit of each one LIVE ON."
To do that, I used standard sayings broken into phrases that recombine.
Like this one:
If you sleep with targs--- you may be dinner.
This is a remix from the standard Klingon saying>
If you sleep with targs, you'll wake up with glob flies.

How I feel about my Trekkie parents giving me a Klingon name
was completed about a year later and posted August 2016.
The descriptor alleges that it is composed of Statements from females 15 - 35 years of age.
It's a first and last name.
The first name is Klingon style.
I used a random generator for Klingon style names.
I changed some slightly.
Klingon name generator - Star Trek
The surname is ordinary human surname.
There is a statement of how the female feels about the name.

Barsungi Scott stated: It's me!
K'tiwrovo West stated: Some people resort to just using my last name.

Summary of the four Klingon topic generators
A. sayings
B. definitions
C. new sayings
D. entirely new names for female humans

The first two dealt with standard material in a mundane way.
The third used standard material and mixed it up to make new sayings.
The fourth is the most creative.

I see that I used material as a basis for all of them.
Each work was a gradual progression toward developing some thing new.

What I get from this is something doesn't come from nothing.


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