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Ideas for future blog posts

So I love writing and want to do more of it. There is so much to consider though. I don't think I will stick with only one theme, but rather I may bounce from topic to topic. Here are some ideas I've been thinking of:

My background, such as challenges faced and being neglected / abused as a child, the journey from there to here as it were.

Archaeology, particular interest in very ancient and mysterious civilizations.

Paleontology and dinosaurs

Music, my favorite instruments etc.

Star Trek vs Star Wars (in a real fight, not which is a better show)

Cryptozoology my thoughts and hypothesis

Summarizing my research on medical cannabis

Being AS married with three kids to a NT wife, family dynamics etc

The nuances of language, root words, and so forth. Language fascinates me.

Something with video games?

Types of beer, wine, or other hard drinks I prefer and why etc

Philosophy, theology, and religion, imo

Historical nature of the Bible

Why I am a libertarian politically speaking

My ancestry and genealogy. This is very interesting, I have a diverse and twisted family line with some notable historic figures

So this is what I have come up with so far. Please if anyone reads this suggest one of these or even one of your own for me to write a blog entry about. It can be anything, no subject will be taboo here. If I'm not familiar with a subject I will research it and blog it! I'll pick one on my own if no one does within a few days. I don't know very many people on here yet, but I really feel comfortable and like I am fitting in for the first time in my life, and it makes me want to share my life story with you good folks!

Italicized topics have been done.

Until next time,
-- Valentine


I could write quite a bit about my family genealogy, I've learned a lot about it even in the past couple of years. I've always been proud of my descendancy from him, even since I was a child. I'll have to write notes on paper first so I don't leave anything out. May take some time, but should be fun!

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