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Of notable figures in my ancestry

My grandpas on both sides of the family had done genealogy research before they died, and learned much about our past. Some of this has been passed down to me.

On my moms dads side, it goes all the way back to Erik the Red, the notorious Viking. Between him and his son Lief Erikson (or Lief the Lucky) settlements were made in Iceland, Greenland, and Newfoundland in Canada. Descended from Lief was a man named Saug, who traveled west through Canada as a missionary, eventually founding the town of Saugstead. My mom still has his Bible, written in Norwegian. Another branch from that side takes us to a man who died on the Titanic, a violin player who played as the ship sank. A friend of mine who is deeply into history told me that this helped to prevent a panic and potentially saved many lives. I don't know his name, but I am very proud to have him as an ancestor. There is also Native American in this branch, but I don't know much about that.

My moms mom was pure Italian, her brother (my moms uncle) was a made man in Boston according to her.

My dads mom comes from a very Irish family who immigrated over during the great famine in Ireland.

My dads dad was half English (UK) and half Korean. He never knew his ancestry was Korean at all, it was a well kept family secret. After Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan in WWII, all Asian Americans were rounded up and put in concentration camps. Many died or were deported with revoked citizenships. My great grandma was one of those people. I don't know if she died or was shipped off to Korea, but my grandpa's lineage was deliberately kept secret so that he would not be taken away too. Now supposedly on that same side we are direct descendants of Thomas Jefferson, but I don't know if it is through my great grandpa's second wife, and if so it does not include me but my grandpa's half brother and his family. AS is thought to be genetic though and I am sure my grandpa was AS, and Thomas Jefferson is thought by many to have had it as well. I even have some similar habits such as pacing the floor, especially under stressful times and other things so it is believable to me.

So I have a very diverse ancestry, from many cultures around the world and I hope to discover more and more as time goes on.



I am distantly related to Thomas Jefferson. We have common ancestry going back to the 16th/17th centuries. There is an ancestor on my Finnish ancestry line named Saug... (my dad is from Finland, full norseman ancestry); not much is known and do not know if it is the same person as in your line.
I have no idea how common the name Saug was, but it seems likely that we are sort of cousins, possibly on both sides of my family...

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