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Day 4: I been sleeping more

i think one of my problems in the past was me not sleepin enough. I have been working hard to fix that. i have put my screens on all yellow light before going to bed, reading before going to bed. i think this is helping my mood a lot. i cant stay up because my cat always wakes me up at 7am. the only thing i wish i could do is block the window so no light comes in. yesterday i also didnt need to smoke to go to sleep. that was good.

i had a dream that i was a werewolf and i intimiated a younger girl werewolf cuz she was tryin to be a trouble maker at my house.

I like the darkness. not because its dark. but because i dont like sun touching my skin. i may or may not be a vampire.

i really need to get with my reading for school. I am not a reading learning. i learn best by a combination of audio and visual. and i have a short attention span so its hard for me to focus. but i believe in myself.

i am hoping things at work go my way. it has been very stressful hearing lies from my boss. he says he has my back but he does not. i want to quit but have no where to go. i dont want to do any other job. when my counselor said she would appoint me to a person to help me, i said, i dont want to change jobs. but the lady who called talked to me about jobss, then i told her i had one, and then she was confused why i was referred to her. i like my counselor but she never follows through, and i havent reached out to her. she says shes doing all these thigns to help me, but nothing has happened. she didnt even sigh my pet depsit waiver in time, like a month later and it was already too late. It is draining going to a counselor. i need to reach out to her one i get my real computer back. but i hate that nothing gets done.

i didnt cry today or yesterday. this is good. i looked very good yesterday. i think it has to do with sleep and tha tim washing my face 2 times a day instead of occasionally. its been a month and i see results. it really hard for me to be motivated to clean. but since i am working on myself, i am trying to be better with being clean. the next step is cleaning my house.


I close the cat up at night in the room with the computer, some food and water and the litter box. The cat can start yowling in the middle of the night and I hate to wake up to that.
I close the cat up at night in the room with the computer, some food and water and the litter box. The cat can start yowling in the middle of the night and I hate to wake up to that.
my cat goes away eventually. i admit i am enamored by his charm and enable his behavior.

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