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Day 13: A late night entry

By Moonhart44 · Oct 11, 2020 · ·
  1. I sit at work. I had a cancellation, but still made money. This is good. I wrote a paper for class and turned in my responses. I thought it was funny that in one response, a student put immolate instead of emulate. immolate means to burn at the stake apparently.

    I am realizing, I am still learning about myself. There is so much about me that is good that I don't know about yet. I have to keep persevering. I am always focused on how I'm hurt, and on here, I write about that a lot, but inside I am always considerate. Inside I am much more patient than I appear, because I know that I have my own downfalls. I would say that humbles me, but i fear its mostly rooted in insecurity.

    My greatest fear is to be prideful, but I know at the same time i am not humble in a true sense. Humble to me means knowing your own greatness but not feeling the desire to show it. What I am is insecure, and that sometimes ignites a false sense of pride within me. I hate that part about myself. However I feel that even though I am not confident, I forced myself to do alot of things because i never wanted to live my life in regret. I may take that term of "seize the day" too literally.

    One day I feel that I should write a book about my life. I feel like its very interesting, but (i believe) with ASD, we are very good at entertaining ourselves. I like that part about myself as well. I like how much fun it can be being me, even in a small room and no friends. I may be depressed, but I am seldom bored.

    About Author

    I am an Los Angeles native who moved to Virginia in an attempt to travel. I am an artist by trade, and passionate about my job. I have two pets: a dwelf sphynx and a pug (the pug came with me to Virginia from California). My counselor diagnosed me with Severe Depressive Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder, and Autsim Spectrum Disorder 1. I am also currently trying to get my Masters. I have a BA in Psych, double minor in art and writing, and working on my Masters in Art History.
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  1. ShamarZ15
    That last line was deep
    1. Moonhart44
      ha. its an almost fair exchange.