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What would you choose to do on New Years Eve?


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V.I.P Member
If you could do anything on New Year's Eve, what would it be? Spend time with people you know and like? Drink at a party? Movie? Go out for dinner or dancing? As I've done many of those things, I would choose to jump from a waterfall into a warm lake to end the year with a thrill.

Do you do anything special on New Years Eve? I'm staying home, watching movies, eating popcorn and having my one celebratory drink of the year, something yummy like bailey's irish cream.
Speaking with my best friend on a web cam.

Going to make a frozen pizza and have nachos with bacon, fried with onions, green peppers, ground beef and salsa.
If I could do anything, it would be to swim with the pigs in the Bahamas.

In reality, I'll be reading in bed with my cat
It would be to spend time with all of my family, maybe extended family, we all had one big get together, have a good meal, some nice drinks and count it down.

I have had a roast chicken meal tonight and I will be counting it down with my mum and dad so I'm not too far off I guess. 3 hours and 42 minutes left here.
Spend time with my crush, but she's on the beach with her family.

On the other hand I have a test on wednesday and I need to study but I was invited to a family party so I will go there...
Have our friend over and watch hilariously bad SyFy films. She has to stay home though because her dog is terrified of fireworks. My husband and I are sat in our pyjamas watching crap on tv, which we've been doing all day.
If I could do anything... I'd like to either do something with a group of friends/family such as a social gathering at someones house cuz being gathered with people for an event make the event more real for me,


something like the jumping from a waterfall that includes a combination of adrenaline and a physical movement which is different from the day to day, so maybe go to a theme park or paragliding, an out of the ordinary experience.
I would swim in a warm tropical bay, then eat coconut, raw honey, and sunflower seeds.

What will This wild woman really do to whoop it up for New Year's?

Box of crackers and a library book! :D
Chill out with friends at the house, drink some drinks, play some board/card games, drink some more drinks. I know I will have one friend over because he practically lives with me, but there won't be any games or much drinking.
We toast in the New Year with wine or Port, while fireworks are going outside, and we watch the ones in London on telly.
My husband's set the telly up to record the New Year's Concert in Vienna for tomorrow as I'll be in church and would otherwise miss it (he goes to a different church than me, and can't get there tomorrow as there are no buses; he can't get up to my church as it's up a steep hill and he has arthritis).
I'll be in church until about 9:00 PM. After that, I'll be home to vacuum my former roommate,the state trooper, room, as he as been reassigned to a barracks close to home. The new roommate, who's also a state trooper, and my former roommate's supervisor, moves in tomorrow.
Ideally I'd want to watch the fireworks from the balcony of my new apartment, which I'm moving to in mid-January. That'll have to wait for next year.
My wife and I used to whoop it up on New Years Eve, but have been asleep for the last ten or so. I think that is a good way to bring in the new year.
Exactly what I am doing now: Watching Inside Amy Schumer and Adventure Time until the wine and bourbon run out. Here in Nashville there is always a big to-do...I believe Keith Urban is playing Centennial Park tonight...but I've always preferred to stay in. It's just numbers on a calendar, after all.
I am at home with my cat. I might have some rum and listen to songs that seem fitting for observance of the new year. I'm happy with this.

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