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Ways of cooling down an apartment without AC.

Old-fashioned trick: hang heavy curtains over the window to keep the house cooler in the day, but open the window at night, even if it's raining, to take advantage of cool night air. Rise before sunup & close the window.
And spray cold water over them while at it.

I remember how effective the wet sheets mom would hang on the chandelier or over the couch were in cooling the room. Plus youd sit or lean against that sheet and it was truly nice and refreshing.
If you live in a humid area (which most of the country is), my suggestions are narrowed down to:
A powerful fan, without the mister.
Definitely, if you kick your ex out it's the most effective way to feel cooler. The sooner you do it, the better 🤣 And he won't warm up your space anymore.
Praised be the boot! 👢
There are anti-trust and anti-corruption laws here, but they rarely seem to be enforced.
Does anyone endorse lying for the gain of your family? I don't find it fascinating or value-able.

I've been on another site where people were largely endorsing/enabling more than that, they were saying like everyone who owns a business is cheating and corrupt so to be grateful they're doing it for you if they're family. I wasn't with the sentiment, like OP wasn't either.
Ahh, here's a clearer description of the problem with doing things like using ice from a refrigerator, or just leaving the door open. Unless you are somehow cooling the condenser coils on the back with outside air, as you would with an air conditioner, the amount of heat that comes off the back is greater than the cooling that comes out the front is exactly equal to the wattage of the refrigerator while it is running. This is typically about the same as a hair dryer running between 1/3 and 2/3 of maximum heat, or a two-slice toaster.
A fan that blows the air off you, is not like the fan cools, but is removing the layer of hot air that your body produces around you i think.

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