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Video Games that you would like/wouldn't mind seeing a TV/Movie adaptation of...

Going for a more classic game, maybe give the Streets of Rage series a TV/Movie adaptation - with the story of the original 1991 game been about a criminal syndicate (led by the mysterious Mr. X) taking over the city, with a trio of ex-cops (Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding) becoming vigilantes to take down the syndicate.
The original game gained 2 sequels (one in 1992, the other in 1994) before going on hiatus, with the fourth game (simply titled "Streets of Rage 4") getting released in April this year.

As such, now might be a good time to see this get made.
Looking back at this thread, I think Crazy Taxi could work as an anime series - keeping the fast-paced taxi service fun of the games, along with some of the challenges, with slice-of-life elements to it and a bigger story.

As long as the late 90's/early 00's aesthetic and culture is kept (including keeping the songs by The Offspring, Bad Religion and others - such as "All I Want", "Ten in 2010", "Inner Logic", etc.) and the characters were fleshed out, I think it could be interesting.
(On a side note, a movie was planned for back in 2006, but it never came about. Here's the original game's intro):

I propose a movie based off a game about four fully integrated kingdoms being forcibly racially segregated by a shadow master.

Solitaire - The Movie
Animated- pokemon mystery dungeon

Live action- Draken: the ancient gates

Draken might need to be multiple films though with how big it is
I'll add a few more:

Destroy All Humans! - This game was originally supposed to get a TV series and I still think it would work, with the first installment set in 1959 and involving the Furon warrior Cryptosporidium-137 - better known as "Crypto" - been sent to Earth by his commanding officer, Orthopox-13.
His missions are simple; he must conquer Earth for the glory of the Furon Empire, harvest pure Furon DNA from human brains (a result of Furons "kicking back" on Earth after their war with the Martians) in order to replenish the degrading DNA patterns back on their homeworld (thus saving their species from "cloning themselves to death") and finally discover the fate of Crypto-137's brother - Crypto-136 - after he was sent to Earth for the same purpose but ceased contact:

Ace Combat - Whether it would be a pure adaptation of one or more of the games (albeit with extra story/character development) or an entirely original story, and also whether it's set on our version of Earth or on the "Strangereal" version of Earth, I think this could work as a TV series.
For those unfamiliar with the series, here's the intro for Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, which was the first Ace Combat game I played (the intro starts at 0:35):
Last one for now - this one been an obscure strategy game for the Commodore Amiga that got mixed reviews, but has a decent enough story that I think could make a good film/show if handled right:

Eco Phantoms - The game takes place in the future, with the main character been a courier who has been on a six year journey away from Earth; finishing the delivery, grabbing their cheque and making their way back home.
However, the courier discovers that in their absence, Earth has been taken over by a race of aliens known as the "Eco Phantoms" - with their massive Mothership hovering over the Earth as the aliens strip the planet of its natural resources via several massive domes across the planet's surface.

Understandably angry, the courier manages to infiltrate and steal one of the Eco Phantom's "Zeppelin" spacecraft and heads down to Earth to stop the strip-mining of the planet.
The courier's mission involves them not only figuring out how to work and maintain the ship they've stolen, but also to infiltrate the domes below - destroying the Eco forces sent their way (with the aid of various robots), gathering necessary resources (including "data spheres") and rescuing prisoners from the Eco Phantom's slave camps.

Eventually the courier and his allies take the fight to the Eco Phantom's Mothership; defeating the Eco Phantoms and re-programming the ship's computer to reverse the mining of Earth's resources in order to save the planet, with the courier and surviving humans coming together to rebuild human society once the day is saved.

As I said, if handled correctly I think it could be an interesting/entertaining adaptation; with the original game been a mixture of (mostly) 3D dungeon-style environments, strategy/puzzle-solving, arcade sequences and action-based combat.
Most of that could still be worked into a potential movie/show.

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