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The last thing you bought?

And earrings!!
I have double piercings in both ears so I intend to wear these as a set

More Christmas cards. I needed just one special card, but I found a site where I can design and custom make everything, down to the type of paper the envelope is made of. And now I have made custom Christmas cards for several people. I'm a little hooked, it was fun to make.
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Those are gorgeous, thank you!!
Rose gold is one of my favorite colors.

Rose gold looks very nice. There are a few other Swarovski watches with rose gold color too. I just picked two I think look nice. Swarovski are famous for their crystals and the watches are made in Switzerland, the land known for awesome watches. And chocolate. :)
Mounted pre-release sales brochure of the all new 1966 Chevrolet Caprice


Mine was found back in 1988 and is still with me today.
A DHR boat lamp from Holland. I found it secondhand for a remarkable bargain and gave it to my dad for Christmas so he can use it camping in the shack. Very pretty lamp, bright polished brass all over, and VERY bright on just a little bit of fuel. It's the kind that goes on the wall and even Mom likes it. Takes a No. 12 Kosmos burner, which throws a great deal of light and doesn't smoke. (It's a boat cabin lamp, for his cabin. Not only is it a lamp, but it's also a pun, so we can be light of heart.)

I was going to say "a straw hat" but the people who made the Luton straw boater have closed up shop in 2020, having been in business since 1914. Nobody really thought straw boaters looked that great anyway, but they were lightweight, practical, matched my clothes--I liked them. This leaves Ponte Rialto of Venice as about the last of the boaters. (The obvious question is "why don't I just update and get a panama hat.")

Two quarts white machine enamel, enough to get a bunch of painting done on my old car. It needs a lot more than paint, though; oil needs changed, and it clanks and rattles like crazy. I have some work to do on it. (The novelty, and the enamel, have worn off.)

Ladies' socks in cute patterns for my girlfriend, insulated so she can stay warm this winter, & tall enough to go over her ankles and let her go hiking without having to stop & adjust them. We like going hiking. Unfortunately she ends up having to stop a bunch and adjust her socks, and that's not good because she will get blisters. (Quite literally "tenderfoot luck.")
During today's session of retail therapy, several items followed me home.
#1 was this dandy little USB rechargeable mosquito zapper/ mood light:

I know, it's a little filthy, but the price was right :p

The next item was this nifty five port 110V powered USB hub:

She can output nearly enough amperage to weld with, but should make a nice addition to my gear just the same.

Next were these two strings of LED Christmas lights:

These are probably going to be implemented in my outdoor display, possibly stretched out on one of the walls on my home.

I was at one of our friendly Goodwill outlet stores.
It's basically a free-for-all atmosphere there.
They drag really long bins out onto the floor filled to the top with "Stuff"
The patrons are told not to enter the rows where they are until given a greenlight.
From there on out, it resembles a locust plague.
At times it borders on violent
Full body armor would come in handy there, or at the very least, a pair of brass knuckles to ward off the crusty old bingo bitties as they scratch and claw their ways thru the bins.
They ship all the stuff that gets stagnant on the shelves of their regular stores there to be sold by the pound.
As in $1.59 a pound.

Some days are better than others there, but in my honest opinion, not a bad haul for the nearly $3 I forked over for the stuff :beercheers:
A diecast Lockheed Constellation in military paint


I remember seeing my grandmother climb the metal rolling stairs to board one of these in the early 1960s.
It was at Allegheny Airport and there was no security present there back then.

Often, aircraft were boarded at the rear of the airport instead of at the terminal and that day, we parked outside of a simple low chainlink fence on the other side of the airport and she simply walked towards the aircraft thru an opening in the fence.

This is the same type aircraft that was chosen to be the very first Airforce One that was the presidential aircraft for Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1954.
Columbine II was abandoned and left sitting in the desert destined to be scrapped as it and four other Connies were bought at an Airforce auction to be converted to cropdusters.
The guy that bought them in 1970 was asked if he still had it in 1980 by the Smithsonian Institute because of how signifigant it was to history.
As it was in deplorable condition, he intended to part it out for the other four before scrapping it.
In turn, the aircraft has since been returned to it's former glory and is still flying today.

I've been obsessed with Pride and Prejudice and the Regency period since I was about five. (I sat down and watched the complete miniseries which stunned my mom. What kindergartener likes Jane Austen, let alone understands it?)

This illustrated edition of the novel is one I could not pass by.
View attachment 93051

I've been obsessed with Pride and Prejudice and the Regency period since I was about five. (I sat down and watched the complete miniseries which stunned my mom. What kindergartener likes Jane Austen, let alone understands it?)

This illustrated edition of the novel is one I could not pass by.
I really like Jane Austen too. Beautiful illustration.
I was walking around the city and a little girl asked if I wanted to buy one of her drawings. She sold me a picture of a flying cat with a rainbow cape.
Some dog supplies.

I think he is a bit perplexed by his new jacket.
He shivers a lot so I bought him one. Pointers don’t do so well in below freezing temperatures.


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