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The hidden bookmarks menu


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Just a minor point but I accidentally discovered a hidden Bookmarks link today. Only visible when I hover the mouse cursor over it. Wondering if there's a setting in the forum software that needs to be changed, and how many other menus are hidden, or is it just me?

Here's the menu when I drop down the profile icon thingy:

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 10.34.22.png

And here's the Bookmarks link (next to "Your account") which I stumbled upon:

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 10.34.30.png
If you look very closely, you can see that the bookmark tab is still there in the first picture (I can click on it on my end), but the name is written in white, so it's almost impossible to see against the light gray background. If you then click on it, the "your account" tab is written in white, so as you say, it's probably just a minor design error. I tested this using my phone. Do you think this is fixable @Satal?

Don’t you really feel like an insider now with access to the secret features?

:smilingimp: (Kidding)

I discovered this by accident, too.

Don’t you really feel like an insider now with access to the secret features?
It did occur to me that this would be an interesting experiment for any "user experience" developers out there. Purposely hide some neat features and make it something like an easter egg hunt to find them. Obviously that goes against every principle of good design - but this is a site for those with autism... I can't imagine the principles of good design were developed with us in mind :p
An amusing observation given those of us who use browser extensions like "Dark Reader". Where the "Bookmarks" link is always visible without having to do a "mouseover". Though when I turn off the extension, the glitch appears as has been mentioned in this thread.

Looks to me like a minor event handler error from the developer's end. I suppose it could be reported to Xenforo...for future concern with the next version.

Bookmarks Link,jpg.jpg
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Um, no. Did someone give you the impression they were?

Doesn't really matter. I just don't see anyone on the staff actually going into the code to try to fix it. Though hopefully the developers (Xenforo) have such a minor glitch logged for a fix in the next update or version. That's all.
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@Judge Fair point. What can I say... Two pixels outa place and my brain starts doing backflips. Autism, sometimes you just gotta go where it takes you. :D
I never noticed the bookmarks feature before. Now that I look for it, I can see the bookmark button on the forum, media, and blog sections. That looks like a pretty handy feature.

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