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Take Away Food


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
We have really bad take out food here in Iceland. If it's tasty, it's really expensive and generally not something which gets prepared in less than a couple of minutes, but the street food in Serbia is amazing! I really miss it whenever I'm not there, though it also seems custom made to cause a heart attack. It has the typical street food you'll find in most places like Gyros (basically Greek döner kebab with fries), but then it has its own delicacies, like Pljeskavica (similar to burger but different ingredients and gets ready quickly) and ćevapi (little meat rolls often served with something spicy. My favourite of all is Burek. It's incredibly cheap (a 1/4 slice which is basically a full meal is less than a dollar) and is served in almost every bakery, and bakeries then stay open till late in the evening. It's some sort of fatty pastry bake filled with meat and served warm.




P.S. Just so I don't get murdered, all of those fast food items are common throughout the balkans, and can probably be found in Turkey as well. They are also cheap, quick to serve and can be found all over the place in Belgrade, making them a great street food.
These look delicious!


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
In the USA, Panda Express is a popular chain of Chinese fast food. It's so delicious, and very Americanized.

For several years, my daughter and I have always ordered the following platter to share. Orange Chicken, Broccoli Beef, 2 egg rolls, and a large Diet Coke (WITH NO ICE). Oh yes, and very important- 2 fortune cookies. @Outdated do you have fortune cookies in Australia?





Serenity waves, beachy vibes
V.I.P Member
Manapua is a delicious item to eat in Hawaii. I love Chinese Taro cake, gotta be fresh. Shumai when l did eat meat back then, was yummy. Also Vietnamese sandwiches are great. LA - l ate pickled vegetables from the Korean store, and sesame donuts. And flip flops - the locals called slippers in the islands.


I'm from the other end of the spectrum.
V.I.P Member

Here's my Mum's Beer Batter recipe. It's a very thin and crispy batter, no good for large items but if you chop the fish in to small bite sized pieces.....

2 parts Plain Flour
1 part Corn flour
1/2 a can of beer - I'm quite sure that you can find a family member happy to provide beer if you're cooking. :)

The trick is to do all the preparation first and only make the batter at the very last minute, otherwise the beer goes flat.

That's a fantastic recipe for prawns and squids too, but there's another thing my Mum used to do, as a snack when we were all watching TV.

Battered Cauliflower. Broccoli the same, cut it up in to tiny little trees then batter and fry it. What Mum did that was different was that she'd make a batch of batter first then split it in to 3 bowls. One bowl would be left plain, one bowl got some herbs and garlic, the third bowl got some chilli and parmesan cheese.

So the same cheap snack but 3 different flavours.
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charm & chaos
V.I.P Member
I love Mexican food trucks, beach shacks with burgers and fried seafood, and Chinese, Thai and Indian takeout places (usually in food courts.)

McDonalds and the like are so overrated lol, there are way better places to get better (and healthier) takeout food here.

This place is kind of near me, in a neighboring city and the name is kind of hilarious


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