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Statistics: Covid & Vaccines

I gave the data sets to a friend who likes data to look at it and see if he can see any patterns, it passed a Bentforts test so the data is valid.
Approximately 100 less cases in the last week so cases dropping in peel region. going to party on Saturday to see new friend who may be on spectrum previous party we got talking and he mentioned he love analyzing data
interesting guy self-employed so I sent him my covid data see if he can see any patterns I may have missed, his original cursory analysis of covid at the beginning was similar to mine only 15% of population was getting infected.
he has programming background Master of Engineering degree does consulting work he likes doing sophisticated data analysis has specialized software. looks like I found new friend, One of the reasons I joined this forum.
Anomalies, that I noticed, first Brampton had twice the cases as the neighboring city Mississauga, and second I live in an area of Brampton called Bramalea. During the outbreak the city would publish a map showing cases in each neighborhood, for the longest tine their was one neighborhood that had no cases on closer examination. I noticed it was mine, What was different about my neighborhood? I walk the perimeter daily now what I notice is their is two types of housed older, custom built and what I own called zero lot line houses built in the 1970's at once. as a subdivision, these are cheaper houses. The older house were owed by old stock original residents of Bramalea and the newer houses. were bought by people with lower incomes who wanted a cheaper lower quality home.
Seeing weird pattern in my statistics for my body temperature. get into crowd like club three days later temperature spikes for couple of days not statistical failure at three sigma, am I getting multiple covid virus attacks which my body fights off rapidly. Wife immune to covid nothing abnormal for years. If pattern persists, I will recalculate at two sigma, strangely enough that is what phycology studies like to use P value of 0 .05. never could figure this out industrial processes are more rigorous.

One of the reasons I'm not into the soft sciences .


  • Ron's Temperature.pdf
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  • Ron's Temperature.pdf 2 sigma.pdf
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Went to club Monday evening to socialize a bit sure enough temperature up too 37 three days later this virus is airborne and my blood type double AB makes me the canary in the coal mine. If I was not keeping track of my personal stats I never would have seen this pattern. I'm a walking talking covid detector.
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Going to club in Oshawa tonight will probably get exposes to covid virus again should see temperature spike by tuesday. Three days later no spike I guess no covid carriers attended club. Party this coming Saturday.
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Went to wedding on Saturday Nephew got married to asian woman sick as hell today probably got most the virulent form of covid. Majority of guests were asian.


  • Ron's Temperature.pdf
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Went to wedding on Saturday Nephew got married to asian woman sick as hell today probably got most the virulent form of covid. Majority of guests were asian.

Hope you swiftly recover.

Two people have now been confirmed to have contracted avian flu from dairy cows. That's scarier than covid.
I always recover quickly temperature back to normal this morning my troops rallied beat back the invading virus took one day, As always wife has never gotten sick which makes sense she does not have the Neanderthal gene.
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