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Hate hate hate canned green beans, peas, spinach & anything green in a tin.
I do love sautéed green beans, but the smell of them makes me sick every single time, even if it's just my neighbors cooking them.

That being said, I'm fairly open to trying new foods, if they don't involve something I hate (eggs, mayo, offals, seafood, bloody meat, meat with that crunchy collagen bit and a few other things).

Now, textures... that could actually be a whole new thread. Mind if I open it?
I still have to use the shorter pronged forks. When I lived at my parents' they would purposely give me a larger one. I would freak out and get up to get the proper size. When I did, I would get in trouble for leaving the table and for being picky. I always ate my least favorite thing first and my favorite food last, so that way the taste I liked most would be in my mouth the longest. I also can't drink while I eat.
As a child foods could not touch and I also had a habit of chewing from side to side, I would chew the food an even amount of times on one side and the other the same way on the opposite side. I broke myself out of the chewing habit, but I still cannot handle my food touching.
Not really about food but drinking something while eating. My daughter ate some 'temperature hot' on a few occasions and we're telling her to drink something - water, soda, milk - to cool down her mouth but she refused to do it. She's always had this thing about eating her meal first before drinking anything.
I always have something to drink on the table when I eat (a glass of water, tea etc.).
However, I only drink when there is no more food left in my mouth. I have seen people drinking while still having food in their mouth; they hadn't swallowed all of it yet. I don't do this because I don't like the mixing in my mouth. So I drink during meals, but I either put food or the beverage in my mouth, not both at the same time.
The hot food problem is an exception though. If it is hot and uncomfortable enough, I'll drink something to cool down nevertheless. I try to avoid this situation. I prefer my food not that hot anyway and rather wait for a while to let it cool down a bit, so I'm comfortable with the temperature in the first place.
When I was a young kid I was a picky eater and much like folks describe on here, food can't touch etc. I would only eat one item of food at a time, all rice till it's done then all meat till it's done or whatever. However this is an aspire trait I've entirely outgrown. I am very much the opposite of a picky eater now and love new combinations.
Like you I have outgrown some of my picky eater traits. I'm still careful about new combinations though. If there's a new combination, I prefer to try it on my own terms to figure out if it is okay for me.
Also, I hate eggs, in any form. People keep on telling me eggs don't have a taste, but they do have a taste, don't they? Especially the yolks? Especially in Europe? (Scrambled eggs in the US, I can do if I'm in a setting where I can't get away from eating them, as long as there are enough potatoes to cancel the taste and texture)
Of course they have a taste. My problem with eggs is rather about the texture though. But I am more accepting of eating eggs than I used to be. They still have to be "right" and I cannot eat all the variations (for example, it is very important for me that boiled eggs have the exactly "right" texture, so I can eat them, which depends on the time of boiling).
I never minded mayo or things touching or anything like that, though it was hard to get me to try new foods (as with most kids, I suppose).
The 'weird' food habit that I had that lasted me until I was at least 15 or so was that I would 'dissect' all of my food.

For instance? McDonald's chicken nuggets. I would tear off all of the skin, eat the skin, and only then would I eat the 'middle'. I did this with anything with a skin, including grapes (I'd peel off the skin with my teeth like you would a banana, starting at the little hole where the stem came from, for every individual grape), and even for some things without one. I'd just eat the outside first. Like with Twinkies or Oreos, I would eat the 'cake' or 'cookie' parts of all of them and then leave myself with a big dollop of icing.
I did the same thing for a while with several kinds of foods. Grapes, like you mentioned, but especially fish fingers. This is similar to the chicken nuggets you mentioned. The difference is that I would eat the "middle" first after tearing off the skin of the fish fingers with my fork and then eat the skin at the end.
I also did this with Ferrero Rocher and similar chocolate candy. I found this picture that shows my eating process of it quite well: Ferrero Rocher - Wikipedia
Coming back to boiled eggs, these can be dissected too if they are hard-boiled. I did this as a child as well. I hated the yolk of hard-boiled eggs, so I would only eat the white and leave the yolk on my plate. However, my parents weren't accepting of this behaviour and insisted that I ate my eggs either as a whole or not at all, so I stopped eating boiled eggs.

Another rule I had was that once a dish was introduced, this was the only "right" way to do it. I couldn't handle changes of the recipe afterwards because it was still called the same although it wasn't like it used to be.
Funnily enough, I would accept the change if it got a new name and introduction and therefore was a different dish. It was more about the dish staying the same than the taste itself. Even if the variation tasted well, it would be "wrong" nevertheless and I would complain.
I took a bite of each type of food on my plate in clockwise direction. I think my parents taught me this, because I had a tendency to wolf down my favorite food and then announce I was full. I still have somewhat of an unwritten rule to eat that way, although I don't get upset if I don't. It just feels better that way.
Oh, and ofcourse, when eating M&M's or Skittles, it goes without saying that they had to be sorted by colour and I had to have equal amounts of each colour. And then eat them in order to make sure the equality remains until they're all gone ^_^
No problems with textures or food touching though.
One of the autism stereotypes is wanting food not to touch and/or be separated on a plate. While I have definite ideas about certain foods I do not like to touch, overall I am quite a fan of mixed up, jumbled up food.

I don't typically like savoury and sweet mixed together so I'm horrified by the idea of eating eggs and bacon on the same plate as pancakes with syrup but if it's just eggs and bacon I like them all chopped up together.
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I can't stand ketchup, mustard, mayo, any salad dressing, most gravy or sauce, anything vinegar based. The smell of ranch makes me wanna puke. Nothing even mildly spicy. Very simple plain food with cheese on it works for me.

When I was younger, I didn't like juice from one food getting into another. I'd often use my knife, a pencil, or whatever was laying around to jack up my plate just enough to keep the juice with its own food. Besides I rarely used a knife anyway, I'd just work my fork through it. If it was too hard to cut with a fork then it wasn't worth eating anyway. I never liked eating things like steaks or pork chops, I'd chew it forever and couldn't seem to swallow it.

I would also eat things one at a time, and complete one before going on to the next. I had one partner tell me that was downright rude, that I should pick equally at the various things instead.

Now since having a hiatal hernia, eating is difficult. I have to either grind things, or mix them to get them to travel down without getting stuck. Mashed potatoes are like a miracle, if I'm careful they carry almost anything down. I remember when I was in elementary school, one kid (of the many related to school staff) got grossed out by one kid mixing their potatoes and gravy. So my little school made a rule that you couldn't mix your potatoes and gravy.
I don't generally have a problem with foods touching each other, not unless they are totally incompatible flavours and textures such as ice cream together with meat. Having said that, I do remember an incident where I was given a new sauce to try and my host wanted to put it over my food and mix it with something else, my partner was ok with this, but I was a definite no - I have to try it on its own first.
Having said that, I do remember an incident where I was given a new sauce to try and my host wanted to put it over my food and mix it with something else, my partner was ok with this, but I was a definite no - I have to try it on its own first.

I agree. I am totally against wasting food, and if I didn't like it then I'd have wasted the food. If I can't finish something then I put it away for later, and make sure I eat that before making something new.
I have rules regarding potato chips. I have 3 bags every time with certain orders of flavours that can’t change. I also mix it with chocolate which repulses some folk but they don’t know what they’re missing imo :)
I have rules regarding potato chips. I have 3 bags every time with certain orders of flavours that can’t change. I also mix it with chocolate which repulses some folk but they don’t know what they’re missing imo :)

Crisps (chips) and chocolate are amazing!
Unless it's soup or the like - which can't be separated out - I tend to have an order in which I eat things. I start with the foods I value less and end with the good stuff e.g my favourite part of my vegetable stew is the potato so I eat it last. It's not a strict thing...no freaking out involved...but it's definitely happening with most of my meals.

@tlc Re. milk and cereal - I have a child like that
I really don't like my food to touch, but I don't freak out about it as much now.

When I was a child I would wash my plate between items.

Except for when I mix really weird stuff together on purpose...like sauerkraut and cranberry sauce.
I thought it was better to eat the leaves off the celery first because
they weren't as good as the rest of the celery. I saved most of
the meatballs until the end when we had spaghetti and meatballs,
because I liked the meatballs.

I didn't weird out over mayo, not that we ever had mayo. We
had Miracle Whip.

Same, "saving the best for last". I eat pie backwards because I don't like the crust much.

I feel you on the miracle whip....I'm sometimes grossed out by mayo but I love miracle whip.

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