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need advice about special needs dentists


Well-Known Member
i need too get a good dentist who helps with autism or a kids dentist who helps speical needs and autism i want a dentist who offers sedation gas or uses the papoose board if needed i dont have a dentist now i need a good dentist who cares any advice
Feeling safe at the dentist is important.
Do you have insurance?
When was the last time you were at a dentist?
Are you having particular problems in your mouth at this time?

Are you a student?
I am asking that because if you are a student, the school may
be able to help find you a professional that would be good with
you. Where I went to college there was a department casually
referred to as the Head & Body Shop and helped with health related
issues.That's why I ask about whether you're a student.
Is there a "Kid's Smiles" near you, they are very good with stuff like that. If not, call dentists you could go to and tell them what you need and, ask if they can accommodate you. Even if they are not familiar with treating ASD patients, you might be able to teach them how to accommodate you.
I do go to Kids Smiles, only one that is pretty much nation wide and, offers gas and, deals well with people that dislike and mistrust dentists. They say for kids but, they take all ages, even do my dental implants. They do dental surgery and all, they just make the offices kid friendly and, teach their dentists to be patient with nervous and anxious patients and, to offer things to soothe you, if you ask for them up front.
thanks do they see adults too also is it a good dentist
Did you read Post #5 in this thread?

Beverly says they take adults.
She is a grown person and says that
she goes to a Kids Smiles dentist.

I have not been to a Kids Smiles, myself.

To know about the place, try calling them.
Yeah, here they are really good, I joke with them that I'm a big kid in an adult body when it comes to dentists LOL.

Actually it's hospitals and medical office smells that get to me the worst but, Kids Smiles doesn't smell like most of them do, and they give me time to look around the room and get used to everything before they begin working on me, that ant they know NEVER to wrap anything around my arms, not even tape for the IV in surgery. It's fine if I can slide it up and down or, if it doesn't go all the way around but, anything that I can't move, all the way around my arm is cause for me to freak out and rip it off.
ok how do you contact the dentist do they use papoose boards they offer iv sedation do they have tvs in the room
ok how do you contact the dentist do they use papoose boards they offer iv sedation do they have tvs in the room

Those are good questions.
Why not call the dentist office
during the day and ask them?

See Post#8 in this thread.
Mine has papoose boards but only uses them for smaller patients, they will do IV sedation, if that's the only way to get the patient to be still for the procedure. TV in the waiting room, not the working room, there you get stuffed animals or pictures on the wall to look at.

You contact them by calling the office closest to you and talk to them on the phone or, you can go to the office in person and schedule an appointment with the receptionist.

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