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Natural ways to get high


Please Don't Be Mad At Me 02/09/1996
V.I.P Member
The conceited ethical position is how I see it.
Perhaps fear of the person who uses hard drugs and is always stoned.
Thinking they might be hallucinatory or out of their ability to decern reality and do something
harmful and realise it?

As far as drugs in general, it can be the difference between life that is bearable or death.
People may look down on someone who uses weed or needs benzos to live more normally,
but, on the other hand, someone who needs blood pressure meds, heart meds, neurological
treatment, or any other type of med, is OK.

Unfortunately there is still a lot of stigma when it comes to psych meds.
Anything psych is looked down upon by the society herd the same as many other bias.
It's taken a long time to make headway towards equality.
We've come a long way, but, there is a long way yet to go.

Something that can make me have a natural high is singing along with rock music.
I was once asked why I like that and I replied because that's how I feel inside.
Screeeeeem.... gets the feelings out and makes me feel high.
I used to add alchohol, but, due to health reasons can't do that anymore.
Not saying you said this, but I actually don't hallucinate with my usual stash. I don't do ANYTHING except weed/delta 8 or flower in any form, and while I have had a FEW! bad days with weed they have never repeated themselves thankfully, though I still make sure to be careful with it.

And just for the record, Maddog first taught me about weed as treatment/therapy when I was still a teen-going-on-young adult (read: evil relatives had been keeping truths hidden from me), and he's always made sure I'm safe and behaved with it. He's also taught me how to make precautions with using it as well.

As fickle and bullhead as the guy is, on his good days he knows how to make people feel better.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
A natural way to get a high without consuming any substance: Cardio exercise for at least 45 minutes in duration. One of the most common examples of this would be running and the resultant: "Runner's High". That's a real thing. The body releases endorphins, natural pain killers after the 45 minutes and the feeling lasts for hours. It's a feeling of relax and calm. Running is the most well known but the same effect takes place with any cardio exercise that elevates the heart rate vigorously. Of course one has to be fit enough to safely engage in the activity first and foremost.


Hopefully Human
Staff member
V.I.P Member
Yo! So glad you asked about natural, weedless ways to get a little high. Sometimes you need a little something to get through life's stressors.If you're looking for a legal and healthy alternative, have you checked out Kratom? It's a natural plant related to coffee and has been used for centuries for its euphoric and relaxing effects. You can find a ton of information about Kratom and even the best Kratom vendors online, like https://www.outlookindia.com/outlook-spotlight/best-kratom-vendоrs-news-236504.There are also other natural alternatives like certain herbs and essential oils.
If you’re going to suggest kratom, it’s important to look at the other side as well. It is absolutely a drug. It can absolutely cause issues for people with substance abuse problems. Recovering addict here. Kratom is risky business. Tread carefully.


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