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Natural ways to get high


Please Don't Be Mad At Me 02/09/1996
V.I.P Member
Hey yo


I have talked about using pot on this website and I have done it before, in fact I scraped off a little resin from earlier and took a nice toke from that but

When I don't have that, I hate to ask because Google can't be bothered to give me answers sometimes, what are some natural, weedless ways I can get high until I get more?

For the record, i don't get stoned off my behind like you see on TV, just enough of a "coping" dose to get me through life's annoyances.

Plus it helps visualize Aloe better a lot better and it makes my weighted blanket feel amazing! But,
TL;DR me no have magic medicine plant but want magic part


Well-Known Member
Mugwort! You can smoke it or drink it as a tea. It's legal everywhere because it is really chill and the effect is slight, though it can give you fantastic lucid dreams! It works fine on its own, but I've found it really effective when combined with exercise (I know, loathesome) like gentle yoga. It may have something to do with the intentional breathing. It's been used for centuries to treat things like anxiety, "mild" physical pain, and all kinds of other things.

Some people are allergic to mugwort though (not deadly, just sneezing, eye irritation, etc), so if you decide to give it a try, please smell it first for any reaction, and start with small doses (1-2 tsp in a tea).


Well-Known Member
Depending on where you are the easiest may be to buy it online, or at health food stores. If you have any metaphysical shops near you they will likely carry it, because it is considered a very "magical" herb. The one downside to this option is that depending on the shop owner, they may jack up the price simply because of the supposed metaphysical properties (it is NOT an expensive herb). It is also a literal weed though, so if it grows where you live, it grows abundantly in disturbed areas and can often be found along train tracks, in ditches, and other places (I have never harvested it myself, but there are tons of how-to videos on youtube if that is the avenue you are able and willing to pursue).

Good luck on your search!


Staff member
V.I.P Member

"...a 'coping' dose to get me through life's annoyances."

So what you're saying is that you're looking for chemicals
to counteract the bad feelings you experience due to everyday


nutmeg can get you fudged up but its also dangerous if you smoke too much. I know my Turkish friend smokes it with ciggies so it is possible.


Staff member
V.I.P Member
"When taken by mouth: Nutmeg is LIKELY SAFE when used in amounts commonly found in foods. But nutmeg is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken in doses larger than amounts found in foods and for long periods of time. Long-term use of nutmeg in doses of 120 mg or more daily has been linked to hallucinations and other mental side effects. People who have taken larger doses of nutmeg have experienced nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, agitation and hallucinations. Other serious side effects have included death." Nutmeg And Mace: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Warning "...nutmeg is making a comeback and can be very dangerous. While the official reports of just what nutmeg can do—other than creating euphoria—aren’t plentiful, the problems the Utah Poison Control Center are consistently seeing include vomiting, seizures, an alteration in blood pressure, and heart rate with dysrhythmias." What Kids are Doing to Get High: Part 3


New Member
I use kratom personally, it’s an amazing plant. It gives decent energy, pain relief, a nice mood boost and it’s pretty safe to use. It tastes like ass though.

Personally for me it keeps my alcoholic tendencies away by killing the cravings. That’s why I use it.


My time has come...
V.I.P Member
People seem desperate to get high, especially kids. When I was in HS (early 90s) there was something called "huffing" where kids would spray Scotchgard, a chemical used to waterproof heavy fabrics, into a bag and inhale the fumes. Some kids went into immediate cardiac arrest and died. When I was in college later some women on a bus that was being used for a biology class field trip were talking about kids who had smoked jimsonweed to get high and had horrifying hallucinations among other physical side effects.

I once saw a cartoon that said something like "Why does our wonderful advanced society require people to be drugged out of their minds to tolerate it?" It seems that people can only tolerate modern living while immersed in a purple haze. I can at least respect somebody like Christopher McCandless who starved to death in the wilderness instead of dying of a drug overdose in a frat house. If I had to choose, I'd go into the wild any day.


Well-Known Member
Mugwort sounds interesting. In case people are considering it, be aware of this:

A person with any other allergies to plants in the Asteraceae family (which also includes ragweed) should use mugwort with caution; these include:
  • Stevia
  • Lettuce
  • Chicory
  • Pyrethrum
  • Sunflower
  • Daisy
  • Artichoke
  • Burdock
  • Thistle
  • Marigolds
Note, the Asteraceae family is sometimes referred to as the Compositae family. Mugwort pollen has also been known to cause allergic reactions in those who have a tobacco allergy.

The Celery-Carrot-Mugwort-Spice Syndrome
People who are allergic to celery, birch, or wild carrot should use mugwort with caution because the herb has been associated with a syndrome called “celery-carrot-mugwort-spice syndrome."

Less prevalent were cross-reactivities (allergies) to spices and herb, including anise, fennel, and paprika.

Mugwort pollen may also cause allergic reactions in those who are allergic to:
  • Olives
  • Peaches
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Royal jelly
  • Hazelnuts
  • Nangai (a type of nut)
  • Sage (and other plants in the Artemisia genus)
  • Honey
  • Mustard


Please Don't Be Mad At Me 02/09/1996
V.I.P Member

"...a 'coping' dose to get me through life's annoyances."

So what you're saying is that you're looking for chemicals
to counteract the bad feelings you experience due to everyday

I mean...you're not wrong. I do want to point out I have trained myself not to become addicted. My methods are unusual but just take my word for it.

My system is something like "In case of Life being Like A Box Of Chocolates, Scream and then Break Glass".


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member


Well-Known Member
People seem desperate to get high, especially kids.
I once saw a cartoon that said something like "Why does our wonderful advanced society require people to be drugged out of their minds to tolerate it?"

Everybody has different needs, and it's important to remember that others may be drawn to substances because of a whole variety of reasons, trauma among them. Yes, hard drugs are "bad" but I don't think that shaming the users is the answer to the problem. That cartoon failed to mention that many people in this "wonderful advanced society" have been subjected to unimaginable circumstances related to abuse, poverty, mental health concerns, institutionalized racism, sexism, etc,. so numbing it out can be the difference between living another day and ending their life.

If you do some research, you'll see that weed has been used to aid in all kinds of physical, mental and emotional conditions, such as being used to reduce pain, depression, anxiety, seizures in people with epilepsy, people doing chemotherapy, and is even being used to help people with debilitating addictions (like heroine or meth) transition away from those substances.

Do you drink alcohol, or coffee, eat sugar, or dairy products? All of those are drugs, and while they don't have the immediate effects that a drug like weed does, you'll find the long term negative effects of them are far greater than a plant that's been used medicinally since antiquity.


V.I.P Member
Why is it that some people pride themselves on not using drugs? Is it for the physical health? To live as long as possible? To be as intelligent as possible without the dampening of substances? Or is it just a conceited ethical position? My guess is that someone who looks down on those who uses drugs desires to uses drugs but painfully refrains oneself and takes the resulting discomfort out on other people.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
The conceited ethical position is how I see it.
Perhaps fear of the person who uses hard drugs and is always stoned.
Thinking they might be hallucinatory or out of their ability to decern reality and do something
harmful and realise it?

As far as drugs in general, it can be the difference between life that is bearable or death.
People may look down on someone who uses weed or needs benzos to live more normally,
but, on the other hand, someone who needs blood pressure meds, heart meds, neurological
treatment, or any other type of med, is OK.

Unfortunately there is still a lot of stigma when it comes to psych meds.
Anything psych is looked down upon by the society herd the same as many other bias.
It's taken a long time to make headway towards equality.
We've come a long way, but, there is a long way yet to go.

Something that can make me have a natural high is singing along with rock music.
I was once asked why I like that and I replied because that's how I feel inside.
Screeeeeem.... gets the feelings out and makes me feel high.
I used to add alchohol, but, due to health reasons can't do that anymore.


New Member
Yo! So glad you asked about natural, weedless ways to get a little high. Sometimes you need a little something to get through life's stressors.If you're looking for a legal and healthy alternative, have you checked out Kratom? It's a natural plant related to coffee and has been used for centuries for its euphoric and relaxing effects. You can find a ton of information about Kratom and even the best Kratom vendors online, like https://www.outlookindia.com/outlook-spotlight/best-kratom-vendоrs-news-236504.There are also other natural alternatives like certain herbs and essential oils.
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