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National Autistic Society UK are holding a Conference in Leeds, England in September!

Mr Allen

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I just emailed my care Managers to see if they'd be interested in attending, I'd go myself but going up to Leeds for a full day would use up too many hours of my care and would be expensive as I'd have to pay my own and a carer's Train fares both ways from Sheffield to Leeds and back.

I did attend a similar Conference in a Hotel in Northern Ireland in May 2003, and got a Standing Ovation for my speech in front of a roomful of mostly Irish women, I think they liked my broad Yorkshire accent lol.

According to NAS UK's Facebook page, the Conference is on the 12th of September, which falls on a Wednesday, I worked that out because my Brother's 12th Wedding anniversary is on the 16th, which is that Sunday.

If any International members would like to attend, there's a very good International Airport in Leeds.
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Thanks for posting the link Rich,

I’ve just had a look at the programme and speakers, some interesting subjects.

I got the impression it’s for medical professionals, workers and carers but on the last line of the list titled ‘who should attend’
It does mention ‘autistic individuals’

For autistic individuals who are paying out of their own pocket (not through organisations or charities) there’s a discount code to be used when booking your place.

Email: [email protected]
To ask for your discount code. (Before booking)
I ask what does the National Autistic Society (NAS) actually do? I ask this because I've contacted them for support on a few occasions and I've just got fobbed off, they've offered nothing. My now elderly parents who still look after my 2 brothers who are on the very low functioning end of the autistic spectrum have had past dealings with the NAS where they've even attended meetings, but it's been nothing but negative and again they've asked the same questions which were unwelcome because they've offered zero support, to cut a long story short they now refuse to have anything to do with them and they see the NAS for what they truly are. Most of their so called "work" is in my opinion talking about it and not actually doing anything while trying to make themselves look good. Oh of course they run a few care homes where at one named Mendip House there's been dreadful reports of horrific abuse that they've tried to cover up, what sort of autistic charity is this and how can anyone still support them now?

Autism charity accused of hiding horrific abuse at care home

How many more care homes does this happen in that we don't know about? How many others have they been successfully covering up? If I went to the conference I would definitely bring this up, but they'd hate it so much that I'd probably be shown the door so they continue to spout out all about how good they are apparently are. In my opinion the NAS is all about trying to look good in the spot light, but they're truly not a good charity at all and they reek of deep high level corruption. I also bet the managers are very highly paid out of the donations, they don't truly care. By the way these types of care homes are usually profit making because they're given generous expenses, that's why we even see care homes for various types of vulnerable people run by private companies, often these reek of corruption and abuse too.

The NAS itself should be investigated, taken over and run by people who truly care and management should be comprised of a good proportion of autistic people because they're the only people who can truly understand what autism is like. I wonder how many there is now? I suspect a big fat zero. Paid workers and especially management should only take a reasonable wage to live on, there should be no "fat cats" that are paid for from donations, if they truly cared about autistic people it would be enough to know that they're truly helping. Even their wages wasn't enough at Mendip House where corrupt and criminally abusive NAS workers stole their autistic residents money for staff meals out.

They're even making a nice buck from the conference I see that is all about making them look like the sun shines out of their ****. Anyway thanks for posting, I wish I could make it to Leeds to give them a piece of my mind, but as I said I'd probably end up getting thrown out, they'd show how understanding they truly are of autistic people. I hope some of the families of the autistic people who were horrifically abused under their "care" turn up. I'd love to see them picket outside with banners showing what they did and even worse are most likely are still doing at other "care" homes.


You never know these could turn up! No-one was ever brought to justice for this evil abuse. People should not forget what the NAS are capable of since they knowingly let this continue until a whistle-blower finally forced them to take action when it was over the news.
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